“The Old Man And The Seat” Rick and Morty S4 E2

Jerry develops an app that he clearly shouldn’t develop and Rick searches for whoever pooped in his toilet. Thoughts:

  • One of the little character-growth touches I’ve liked over the past few years is how Morty has gotten better and better at negotiating things in Rick’s world without losing his essential Morty-ness.  Early in the show Morty might have been suckered into helping with the app, but now he knows enough to recognize that if Rick slapped that warning on his forehead, there’s a reason for it, and if Rick didn’t explain more than that, well, that’s because Rick takes waaaaay fewer precautions then he ought to with dangerous things.
  • Speaking of precautions, Rick didn’t even bother with a ‘Keep Out’ sign on that toilet.  But that probably would have interfered with the essential purity of the experience. He clearly has a ritual.
  • The bully from last episode now has his face on a milk carton. I don’t think they’re going to find him.