Werewolf 108: Werewolf Town – Day 2

“It’s the Wolfman Jack Show, baby!” Wolfman Jack says, sniffing the ground. He stops in the middle of town. He rises with dirt powered on the tip of his nose.

“This smells tame like baking soda. wait until the audience hears–”

A bullet flies through the air, blasting the radio host in the face. He stands still for a few minutes.

“Well… guess the Wolfman Jack show will be broadcasting from Heaven, baby!” He says as he tumbles face first into the dirt.

“Oh…” someone says, “that nice piece of silver looks so lonely…” they run away from the crime scene.

A group of five in cheap looking fur suits stumble over to Jack’s corpse.

“Oh my god, a dead body.” One of them says.

“Whoa… that’s less work for us.” Another one says.

“Let’s make it look like it was us. The boss would be pissed if he found out.”

They nod in agreement and kick the Wolfman’s meaty shell until it is bruised and bloody. They hit him so hard one of his ribs snap. Jack doesn’t mind. He’s in the great beyond, baby.

Wolfman Jack (Hicks) is dead. He was the Scent Enthusiast (Town Investigator). 

Two howls, one anguished and one overjoyed, are heard across town. In a separate area, A voice mutters “You like being pet, huh?”

The next day, you gather round to discuss what happened until hear a scream.

“I’m cute!” It says.

You rush over to find Lil Lord Wolfington standing motionless against a cabin wall. Her eyes are dry. You check her breathing. Nothing.

Lil Lord Wolfington (Lindsay) is dead. She was a Hairy Citizen (Vanilla Town).

“Oh noes.” E-Wolf says.

“Who could’ve done such a thing?” Heffer Wolf says.

“She didn’t get to do her taxes!” the Tax Collector says.

After an hour of crying, you huddle around each other.

“I left the war, but the war didn’t leave us.” Colonel Grumproro says.

“Let’s slam dunk this mystery, Wolf Gang.” Teen Wolf says.

“Wolf Gang? More like… heh, Golf Wang.” dw says, giggling to himself and putting a spray can behind his back.


  • 20 17 Aware Citizens (Town)
    • 17 15 Hairy Beasts (VT)
    • 1 Silver Addict (Vigilante)
    • 1 Scent Enthusiast (Investigator)
    • 1 Howling Sadist (Jailer)
  • 5 Humans in Fur Pelts (Wolves)
    • 4 Regular Humans
    • 1 Happy Canine Owner (Wolf Jailer)
  • 1 Unknown (SK)

Aware Citizen (Town) Roles

17 15 Hairy Beasts (Vanilla Town) – Daily vote

1 Silver Addict (Vigilante)Three Two bullets. Can only use one shot per night.

1 Scent Enthusiast (Investigator) – Use one investigation per night. Investigated player will either read as Town or Scum

1 Howling Sadist (Jailer) – Guard one player each night. Jailed can’t use a night action nor be affected by one. Jailers can’t guard themselves nor guard the same player two nights in a row.

Humans in Fur Pelts (Wolf) Roles

4 Regular Humans (Vanilla Wolves) – Nightly wolf kill

1 Happy Canine Owner (Wolf Jailer) – Guard one player each night. Jailed can’t use a night action nor be affected by one. Jailers can’t guard themselves nor guard the same player two nights in a row.

Other Roles

1 Unknown (SK) – No one knows what you are. You only have one goal: destroy everything. One nightly kill.

Rules and Guidelines

You must RP as a wolf or werewolf. It can be fictional or real. If someone demands it, I’ll let them RP as a fox…

Do NOT Screenshot or quote directly from your QT. This will result in an instant mod kill.

Do NOT edit or delete any posts.

A tie will result in any random player dying to RNG.

Feel free to use your QT as much or as little as you please. Sometimes it helps to think out loud. Also, if you ever want or need to chat about non game related stuff, I’d be happy to lend an ear!

Do not belittle other players for their choices or reasoning. Attack arguments, not people. I will step in and give a warning if others tell me they’re uncomfortable, or I think you crossed a line.

You must make at least three posts for day. If you’re in a situation where you think you can reach that requirement, try to let me know. We can work something out! 🙂

Of the three minimum posts, two of them must be in RP. Failure to do so will result in you being SHOT.

What does being SHOT mean? You don’t want to know…

This isn’t a rule per say, but I discourage using emotional appeals as arguments. I don’t want people to feel guilty for their votes or something like that.

Only votes are allowed in the vote thread. No GIFS or off topic replies. Keep that stuff somewhere else.

There will be OPTIONAL EVENTS every game day. NO REWARD will be given out for these. They’re meant to be light hearted fun to take the edge off of the game. You could also use do one of your required RP posts… Or not. It’s up to you!

  1. Lindsay – Lil Lord Wolfington
  2. Anna – dw (the w stands for wolf)
  3. Donalbain – Wolf the Gladiator
  4. May – Fenrir
  5. E-Dog – E-Wolf
  6. Hicks – Wolfman Jack
  7. Louie – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  8. Sic – Werewolf Blitzer
  9. Indy – Teen Wolf
  10. Ralph – Party God (Formerly Virginia Wolf. F)
  11. Grump – Corporal Grumproro AKA Jack
  12. Hayes April – Executive Producer Dick Wolf
  13. SaggitarusKim – Shigure
  14. Mirage – Oz
  15. Jude – Virginia Wolf
  16. Hoho – Harmless Harvey
  17. Cop –  Lt. WereWorf, son of Mogh, of House Martok
  18. Lamb – Arya Stark
  19. Goat – Tax Collector
  20. Video – Vucko
  21. MSD – Heffer Wolfe
  22. Wasp – Werewolf of London
  23. Nate – Anton (He’s in between wolf gangs.)
  24. Jake – Ripley
  25. Gramps – Bigby Wolf
  26. Raven – Jerome


  1. April
  2. emmelemm
Vanilla Town Description

You are Hairy Beast (VT). Your lycanthropy has caused so much trouble and heartache over the years. You can’t even drink out of the toilet without someone screaming in terror! Well no more. With humanity at your backside, you step forth into the eternal moonlit werewolf town. Hopefully you can avoid fleas… and the humans that want you dead. The only way for you to fight back is to rock the vote. You know, the tool humanity used to slaughter you in the first place. Ta-ta!


Welcome aborad and have fun! I hope you’ll enjoy my first game! 😀

Day 2 Ends on Monday, November 18 at 10:30 PM EST (Time is flexible)