R-3X DJs the Life Day Thread

It’s Life Day, folks: a day of peace, a day of harmony, a day of joy we all can share together joyously. As far as the Star Wars Holiday Special 1 shows us, Life Day is mostly celebrated by watching kitschy variety show acts while ignoring your family. Whether it’s Harvey Korman in drag doing a cooking show, a shitty cartoon about your dad, or some holographic porno right there in the living room, the thing to do is to consume in-universe pop culture detritus with the most tenuous possible connection to Star Wars.

Fortunately, there’s some brand new in-universe Star Wars media floating around for us all to enjoy this Life Day, thanks to the Galaxy’s Edge theme park lands that opened earlier this year. The best spot in Black Spire Outpost is Oga’s Cantina, where tunes are spun round the holoclock by DJ R-3X, formerly a droid pilot for Star Tours who has now found a new vocation better suited to his skills.

R-3X’s randomized loop includes over three hours of material including dozens of original in-universe music tracks attributed to different fictional acts from around the galaxy, glued together with classic DJ spiel provided by Paul Reubens, returning to the role after three decades2. Eighteen of these tracks have been uploaded to YouTube for our enjoyment, and let me tell you: They. Slap.

Some highlights are “Mad About Mad About Me” (an electro swing-inspired remix of the iconic Mos Eisley cantina song), “Una Duey Dee” (a Gungan drinking song that makes the whole bar go nuts), and “Beep Boop Bop” (a techno-ish track by an all-droid group). But honestly, they’re all bops, beep-boop or otherwise. John Williams gave us peeks into what the diegetic music of Star Wars sounds like, but the Cantina soundtrack cracks the acoustic galaxy wide open, blending inspirations from all across the world to create sounds that are recognizable and enjoyable but also believably alien.

So grab a Dagobah Slug Slinger3, put on a traditional red robe to disguise the fact that they could only afford four full Wookiee costumes, and celebrate Life Day the way it was meant to be celebrated: listening to esoteric in-universe media, alone.