Food Thread 11/17 What’s your favorite kitchen tool? Electric version

What’s your favorite/most used/most loved electric kitchen appliance? The same tool doesn’t necessarily answer all three categories, I use my coffee maker daily but it’s not really my favorite and if it breaks I have at least 3 other ways to make coffee within reach. We have an electric citrus juicer that is really nice at what it does but it only does that one thing. We bought it many years ago and I just looked it up on Amazon and holy cow! I don’t know if I could justify that price, we got our refurbished model for less than a third of that. We have an immersion blender (I started referring to it as “the emulsifier) that much like the juicer does only one thing but does it so well it can’t be beat. The blender however is more important because it will still do the job of the stick blender but just requires some extra steps. These days I would say the top tool in our kitchen is a tie between the Instant Pot and Kitchenaid stand mixer. Losing either of those things would be almost like losing a limb. The shake maker in the header was a thrift store find and is just plain fun.

Next week we’ll do people-powered tools.