Nightcrawler Day Thread (11/16)

BAMFing into the Day Thread is Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler the fuzzy blue elf X-man.

Kurt Wagner’s first appearance was in Giant Size X-Men #1 (May 1975).

A star performer of the Bavarian circus, Professor Xavier saved Kurt from being killed by a mob of angry villagers.

He was recruited into the X-Men to save the original members from the island Krakoa.

Kurt has the gift of teleportation, is super agile, and is good with a sword.

My favorite story featuring Nightcrawler is God Loves, Man Kills.

I recently read it over the summer and if you haven’t done so, check it out the next time you are looking for something to read.

The story, with a few minor tweaks, serves as the plot for the movie X2.

Did You Know -“IGN ranked Nightcrawler as the 80th greatest comic book hero of all time describing Nightcrawler as a mutant with the appearance of a demon and the heart of a preacher.”