Job Rants Thread – 11/16/2019 – So Very Cold


Hey, all; Happy Friday-


So, how about that “Arctic Blast,” huh, Americados? Man, it sure must have sucked to have to have been out in that, all week, am I right? Surely, no one here has to deal with a job which keeps them shuffling in and out of their office all day, from extreme heat to bitter cold, wrecking their core temperatures in the process. I’m also glad none of us have to deal a small, cramped office environment where germs get passed around like trading cards. And, of course, I am so. Very. HAPPY to report that I don’t know of a single person on this site who is subject to the whims of an ancient, underfunded, and frequently broken down public transit system that leaves its’ ridership stranded outside, exposed to the elements, and waiting several minutes longer for their bus or subway; despite what the lying fucking transit app. says. 12 minutes?! It was ten minutes, 5 minutes ago; you piece of–



I’m very glad none of you have to deal with anything like that. Anything else you need to complain about, you go right on ahead; also, should anyone have an extra pair of gloves, that would be very much appreciated.

As ever, have a productive rest of the day, safe trip home, and a great weekend. And rememb–and now it says seven minutes. Wonderful; just…Wonderful.