Werewolves 107: A Reason To Kill! Chapter Seven

November 13th
“I want to be loved by you,
Just you and nobody else but you
I want to be loved by you
Alone poo poo pi doo”
Spiderman Noir was in a cheerful mood this evening. He’d finally found his special purpose, even if his first shot was a civilian. That kind of thing is bound to happen during the crazy shitstorm that had descended on Dogtown. Next time out would be a sure shot, he knew it. He was sharpening up some fresh bolts for his crossbow when a rapping came at his door…
Tap Tap Tap
“Sorry, I’m closed for the evening!”, Toko called out.
Toko had spent all day deluding and scamming the saps of Dogtown and now she was ready to do some real Psychic shit and try to figure out just what the fuck was going on around here.
“Toko, c’mon. Just a couple of minutes!”
Toko sighed once she recognized that voice.
“Okay, hang on a sec!”
She made her way to the front door and started to open it…
“Hmph, whatta ya want, egghead? I’m busy with my frank ‘n beans.”
There came a slight hissing noise.
“I’m here about your Mask.”
“My Mask? Now what does a frog chomper like you want with my Mask?”
“I want to see what’s underneath!”
The figure leapt at Spiderman Noir, scuffing their shoe on the door jamb, and smothered the Masked face with a chloroform soaked rag…
“So what can I do for you, Deputy? Any reason for keeping me late?”
“Aw, Toko, do I need a reason?”
Suddenly Toko was flush with visions of foul and bloody murder.
“I…I think you’d better go, Deputy!”
Toko went to slam the door shut but the Deputy was too quick and jammed their boot into the doorframe.
“Whelp, I guess I got a reason after all.”
The Deputy shouldered their way into the Reading Room and smiled as they drew out their billy club…
The Copy Cat Killer knelt besides Spiderman’s prone body and removed his Mask.
“Finally, all of your lies will be revealed!”
Beneath the Mask was a hideous lemon shaped head that made the Copy Cat Killer hiss. Quickly cutting away at it a new face was revealed, that of an old man with a bushy mustache. the copy Cat Killer hissed again and began to saw at this face until a new one emerged. this time a jovial Italian visage greeted him.
“Surely this is the last one.”
As they peeled it away one last face appeared.
“Ah, this is the last. This is their true essence.”
The Copy Cat Killer looked down on the face of a young and chubby English boy, and smiled…
Toko Fukawa (jake) has died. She was The Psychic.
Spiderman Noir (sic) has died. He was The Concerned Citizen.


The Psychic: Each Night chooses a Player and receives a Vision of their Night actions: Bloody Vision if that Player is involved with a death, Chilly Vision if that Player is Jailed, and Boring Vision otherwise.
The FBI Agent: Each Night receives a clue as to the Drifters identity.
The Tavern Owner: Each night chooses a Player to Jail in the keg cooler. Cannot Jail the same Player twice. If Jails self cannot comment the next Day.
The Concerned Citizen: Town Vigilante with a DAILY shot. Will only be activated once conditions have been met. Will be RNGed from VT. Status: ACTIVATED
10 9 8 7 6 5 3 2 VT: Wins when all Scum have been eliminated.

Deputy Dawgs: Three Two One Wolf that answer to Sheriff Lobogunny who will RNG which Wolf will carry out their kill each Night.
The Drifter: Serial Killer.
The Copy Cat Killer: Mimic Serial Killer. Will only be activated once conditions have been met. Will be RNGed from VT. The Drifter and the CCK will share the Win if they are the last two Players but don’t share a QT. Status: ACTIVATED

1) jake- Toko Fukawa TOWN PSYCHIC
2) Goat- Tracer Bullet
3) Captain Video- Drackola VANILLA TOWN
4) sic- Spider-Man Noir CONCERNED CITIZEN
5) Lindsay- McGruff the Crime Dog
6) Mayelbridwen- Shadow TAVERN OWNER
7) Nate the Lesser- Uncle Rico
8) Cop on the Edg-ish- Harry Dresden DEPUTY DAWG
9) spooky- Ling-Long Johnson THE FBI AGENT
10) Grumos- Pete Martell THE DRIFTER
11) Ralph- Property Bros VANILLA TOWN
12) Jude- Death? Nobody? Symbol? VANILLA TOWN
13) Indy- Irving N. Deabman VANILLA TOWN
14) April- Chief Clancy Wiggum, PI VANILLA TOWN
15 emmelemm- Marion Crane VANILLA TOWN
16) Corporal Hicks- J.J. Gittes VANILLA TOWN

17) MSD- Timmy Turner, Private Eye VANILLA TOWN

18) Raven- Duck-tective and Constable DEPUTY DAWG

19) Louie- P.I. Emerson Cod II

20) Josephus- BMO Noir VANILLA TOWN

Twilight will be Friday, November 15th at 5pm