Avocado Day Thread

The Blue Jam Day Thread (November 12, 2019)

I can remember lying in bed unable to sleep, as a callow youth in the years leading up to the Millennium listening to BBC Radio 1, and being shaken back to full consciousness by the utterly bizarre, shockingly hilarious programme that played after midnight. Between the music of Massive Attack, Aphex Twin and DJ Shadow were sketches featuring a doctor who prescribes heroin for a cold, restaurants with Ugly Weirdo policies, unmissed children, and very, very bad sex. It was my surreal introduction to the world of Chris Morris.

The comedian, writer, and director had previously created The Day Today, and has since produced landmark shows such as Brass Eye, Nathan Barley, and the films Four Lions and The Day Shall Come.

Blue Jam is one of the best things ever and I strongly recommend it. Apart from a CD featuring some of the sketches, it has never been officially released; however the original shows are available in many places online.

Oo welcome, ahhh oo magu welcome, to the Day Thread, everyone.