Best Video Game Song Tournament, 1983-1989: Quarterfinals

We’re in the final week; today it’s the quarterfinals.

You can listen to the entire top 8 here. See the bracket here.


Voting will be live until Tuesday, November 12th at 10:00 PM Pacific

Results from last round:
Contra – Jungle Theme (11) vs Mega Man 2 – Wood Man (8)
Castlevania – Wicked Child (7) vs Castlevania – Vampire Killer (11)
Mega Man 2 – Dr. Wily Stage 1 (16) 
vs Final Fantasy – Prelude (4)
Tetris – Tetris Theme (9) vs Metroid – Metroid Title Theme (14)
Mega Man 2 – Air Man (9) vs Akumajou Densetsu – Mad Forest (10)
Bubble Bobble – Main Game Song (6) vs Super Mario Bros. – Overworld (13)
The Legend of Zelda – Theme Music (14) vs Ys I & II (Trubografx CD) – Opening (7)
Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest – Bloody Tears (15) vs Ducktales – Moon Theme (9)

Well, I suppose it’s fitting that a Forest song was the one to defeat Air Man; if you just get the Leaf Shield for free it undermines the whole system! After that match and Wood Man’s close loss to Contra’s Jungle Theme, we’re down to just one Mega Man 2 song remaining, the indomitable Wily Stage 1. In fact, between that and the Castlevania mirror match we’re down to 1 song per game. As a series Castlevania still has multiple entries, with 3 songs; everyone else is their series’s only entrant.