Werewolves 107: A Reason To Kill! Chapter Four

November 9th

6:30 pm

The FBI Agent was feeling a big mood. There was a big Pierogi Party starting in just half an hour but there was more work to do. Always more work. In all their years with the FBI nobody had been as elusive as the Drifter.

“I’m so fucking close, I know it!”

They had just finished rooting through some trash when they heard the scuff of a shoe and felt a chloroform soaked rag cover their mouth.

“No……you….”, they mumbled.

“Your party people ways will be exposed when I remove your Mask!”, hissed The Drifter.

LING-LONG JOHNSON (spooky) has died. She was THE FBI AGENT.

The Drifter was just finishing up taping and sealing the Agent into their running car when they heard the sound of wheels on gravel.

Then the *SQUAWK* of a radio.

“Alright, ya hapless Dawgs. Please tell me we’re good for tonight!”

“Oh, we’re good alright. Fuckin’ A are we good!”

The sound of a car door opening and slamming shut.

The Drifter turned and began to run run run.

“You ain’t getting away from me, old man!”

The Dawg pursued. The Dawg hunted. The Dawg captured.

“Lobo, do you copy?”

“Loud and clear, Deputy. What’s the good word?”

“The good word is that I got him!”

“Good goddamn work, Dawg! Bring the body on back.”

“That’s a big 10-4!”

The Deputy threw the now lifeless body into the trunk of the squad car and headed back to the station house.

PETE MARTELL (Grumos) has died. She was THE DRIFTER.

After the Deputy departed, a stoic unsmiling figure detached itself from the shadows.

“Your work will not have been in vain. More Masks must be revealed.”


The Psychic: Each Night chooses a Player and receives a Vision of their Night actions: Bloody Vision if that Player is involved with a death, Chilly Vision if that Player is Jailed, and Boring Vision otherwise.
The FBI Agent: Each Night receives a clue as to the Drifters identity.
The Tavern Owner: Each night chooses a Player to Jail in the keg cooler. Cannot Jail the same Player twice. If Jails self cannot comment the next Day.
The Concerned Citizen: Town Vigilante with a Nightly shot. Will only be activated once conditions have been met. Will be RNGed from VT.
10 9 8 7 VT: Wins when all Scum have been eliminated.

Deputy Dawgs: Three Two Wolves that answer to Sheriff Lobogunny who will RNG which Wolf will carry out their kill each Night.
The Drifter: Serial Killer.
The Copy Cat Killer: Mimic Serial Killer. Will only be activated once conditions have been met. Will be RNGed from VT. The Drifter and the CCK will share the Win if they are the last two Players but don’t share a QT. Status: ACTIVATED

1) jake- Toko Fukawa
2) Goat- Tracer Bullet
3) Captain Video- Drackola VANILLA TOWN
4) sic- Spider-Man Noir
5) Lindsay- McGruff the Crime Dog
6) Mayelbridwen- Shadow
7) Nate the Lesser- Uncle Rico
8) Cop on the Edg-ish- Harry Dresden DEPUTY DAWG
9) spooky- Ling-Long Johnson THE FBI AGENT
10) Grumos- Pete Martell THE DRIFTER
11) Ralph- Property Bros
12) Jude- Death? Nobody? Symbol? VANILLA TOWN
13) Indy- Irving N. Deabman
14) April- Chief Clancy Wiggum, PI VANILLA TOWN
15) emmelem- Marion Crane
16) Corporal Hicks- J.J. Gittes

17) MSD- Timmy Turner, Private Eye

18) Raven- Duck-tective and Constable

19) Louie- P.I. Emerson Cod II

20) Josephus- BMO Noir

Twilight will be Monday, November 11th at 2pm PST