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11/10 Dropwing Birthday Day Thread

Today exactly 1,774 weeks (12,418 days) ago to the day, my mother had her first son, little ol’ Droppy. Right, sorry: That’s 34 years, for those who keep track of their age in normal units. And hey, I was pretty glad to be born and all that. How hard could this whole “life” thing be, after all? Oh, right. But hey, at least it’s not boring! And there’s tons of fun stuff to do, like being here, so, you know, I’d call it an overall positive!

Darkwing Negaduck's Birthday
My reaction after being explained how hard this whole “life” thing could actually be.

I hope Sunday is being kind to you — by the time this goes up, mine will be mostly over and I’m probably going to be cooking myself a nice dinner in anticipation of a relaxed evening, hopefully accompanied by some friendly shitposting.

Anyway, love you folks, and I know what you’re waiting for, so …

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