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The Weekend Politics Thread Doesn’t Get It

Why? Why do this?

Bloomberg to pass on Iowa, NH, focus on Super Tuesday states

I don’t mean passing on Iowa and New Hampshire (although that’s also a bad idea). I mean why is Michael Bloomberg running at all? In what reality does he have the slightest chance? Who does he think he’ll appeal to? Just, why???questionmark?


And why? Why this guy?

Rep. Jim Jordan appointed to impeachment committee to defend Trump

It’s because of this, isn’t it.

Wrestling referee warned Rep. Jim Jordan about Ohio State doctor’s sex misconduct, new lawsuit says

What, Denny Hastert wasn’t available? This must be what the GOP wants from its leaders.


And why why WHY do they keep defending this piece of shit?

Trump offers to release transcript of ‘second call’ with Ukrainian president

It’s not going to get better, you know. Trump isn’t going to wise up and suddenly do stuff that makes the GOP look good. He will drag them down for as long as they let him but they just can’t help themselves because they… WHAT?! IT DOESN’T EVEN MAKE ANY SENSE AND [WPT header writer malfunction please stand by]

OK, no threats against anybody, please. Have a good weekend!