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Comic Book Canon: The Sandman. Issues 65-69

Welcome to a series that I am continuing. I am going to go through Neil Gaiman’s now-classic series The Sandman


Issue # 65

Title: The Kindly Ones: 9

Artist: Marc Hempel

Collected in: The Kindly Ones

Plot: Rose takes up Paul’s offer to tour Fawney Rig. She discovers the secret chamber where Morpheus was imprisoned. Desire is there, and introduces themselves as Roses’s Grandfather. Rose wakes up and Paul finds a lighter in the shape of a heart.

In Swartalfheim, 1 the Corinthian and Matthew enter a castle where they encounter a shapeshifter in the form of Dream. The Corinthian attacks. The shapeshifter changes form, revealing himself to be Loki. He is subdued. The Corinthian consumes Loki’s eyes and finds Daniel

In the Dreaming, Lyta and the Furies murder Fiddler’s Green. Matthew finds himself transported back to the Dreaming. Dream travels to Los Angeles, where he meets up with Larissa guarding Lyta. It is revealed that Larissa was Dream’s lover and that she made a deal with the Three to protect Lyta. Dream can not hurt her.

Keep an eye on: Note the guard’s book is right where he dropped it in issue #1 2

My take Gilbert’s death hurt.


Issue # 66

Title: The Kindly Ones: 10

Artist: Marc Hempel & Richard Case

Collected in: The Kindly Ones

Plot: The Corinthian encounters Puck, who is elusive in his answers. He leaves with Daniel, leaving Loki in agony. Odin and Thor retrieve Loki and put him back in his prison.

Lyta and the Furies continue their assault, killing Abel. Then they kill Mervyn Pumpkinhead. Rose flies home.

In the land of Faire, Puck returns, and Nuala appears before the queen without Glamour, but her brother puts a Glamour on her to mollify the queen. Nuala runs into the Wood Between the Worlds where she encounters Delirium. Nuala fears that Dream is in danger. She calls on Dream to come to her. Dream remarks that as long as he remains in the Dreaming, no real harm can happen. Nuala points out that he is no longer in the Dreaming

Keep an eye on: Notice when Puck is asked who told him to steal the baby he answers, “I could answer you endlessly…” Rose is reading Here Comes a Candle by Erasmus Fry from issue #17. The woman on the plane, Celia Cripps, mentioned an aunt who moved to America. This would be Ethel Cripps, Doctor Dee’s mother.

My take I like how Lucien calls out his boss for being cold. Although Dream knows he can remake Mervyn, Lucien takes it personally.


Issue # 67

Title: The Kindly Ones: 11

Artist: Marc Hempel & Richard Case

Collected in: The Kindly Ones

Plot: The Corinthian returns to the Dreaming with Daniel. He encounters Cain. Dream is still with Nuala. She offers to travel with him, staying one step ahead of the Kindy Ones. He declines and heads back to the Dreaming.

Returning to Los Angeles, Rose finds out that Zelda has died. She gives the gifts she was bringing to a homeless man who is with Barnabas.


Destiny encounters multiple versions on himself. Dream returns, and the Furies attack him. Lyta sees that Daniel is not dead (sort of) and wants to call of the attack, but the Furies have no interest in stopping.

DC characters Cain remarks that some of them kept busy during Dream’s imprisonment, referring to when they were horror hosts

Keep an eye on: The armor that Lyta is wearing is not what she wears as The Fury

My take The Furies say that they can not kill. They can torture but not kill. All those that Lyta kills are dreams.


Issue # 68

Title: The Kindly Ones: 12

Artist: Marc Hempel & Richard Case

Collected in: The Kindly Ones

Plot: Matthew comes to see Dream. Dream has been talking with Daniel and gives him a Dreamstone, an Emerald. Dream goes to confront the Kindly Ones. Matthew chooses to come with him.

Delirium visits Lucifer at Lux. She wants his help saving her brother. Lucifer says that he is beyond help.

Rose visits Hal, who is on a press tour as his drag alter ego, Vivian. She invites him to Zelda’s funeral. He declines.

Death arrives in the Dreaming. Dream gives Matthew his pouch and helm and tells him to ask his sister to meet him.

My take How much do I love Matthew? His conversation with Dream is in my opinion the heart of the series. And when did Hal become such an asshole?


Issue # 69

Title: The Kindly Ones: 13

Artist: Marc Hempel

Collected in: The Kindly Ones

Plot: Death goes to meet her brother. She calls off the Furies. In order to save the Dreaming, Dream must die. Death touches him.


The Corinthian kills a creature that was going to kill Matthew. Nuala leaves Faire. Delirium finds Barnabas. Hal and Rose attend Zelda’s funeral. Rose is pregnant. Alex Burgess wakes up. Lyta returns to the world and Larissa tells her to run.


Daniel transforms into the new aspect of Dream.


First appearance: Daniel as Dream

Keep an eye on: The image the Corinthian next to the bloody throne was seen in Destiny’s book

My take Barnabas says the ice cream at Disneyland isn’t that great. Barnabas must have never had a Dole Whip.

Anyway… it occurs to me that the recreation of Dream is a lot like the regeneration of the Time Lords, and this was before NuWho.