Werewolf 107: A Reason To Kill! Chapter Two

November 6th


The door to Anna’s Ice Cream Parlor chimed open.

“Yo, Deputy! What’s happening?”

Anna’s cheery demeanor never failed to lift the Deputy’s spirits no matter the mood.

“Cone of the regular?”, Anna asked already ready moving to the ice cream case.

The Deputy groaned inwardly but smiled anyway.

“Sure, Anna, you bet.”

“Alrighty, Deputy, here ya go! Now you be careful out there and steer clear of that awful Drifter!”

“That’s a big 10-4 and a thank ye, Anna.”

The Deputy stepped out into the night air and, as soon as the corner was rounded, dropped the cone of pistachio ice cream in the trash.

“Oh, Anna, bless your sweet heart.”, the Deputy chuckled.

Keys jingling while approaching the squad car a scuffed shoe sound caught the Deputy’s ear followed by a chloroform soaked rag.

“Your lies are exposed when I remove your mask.”, hissed the Drifter.

“Deputy Dawgs!”, the squad car’s radio squealed. “Are we all set with tonight’s target?”

“Yessir, en route now, Lobo!”, answered that night’s Killer.

“Good. Don’t fuck it up. Lobo out.”

Deputy Dawg Harry Dresden (Cop on the Edgeish) was found dead an hour later in his still running squad car. He was a Wolf!


The Psychic: Each Night chooses a Player and receives a Vision of their Night actions: Bloody Vision if that Player is involved with a death, Chilly Vision if that Player is Jailed, and Boring Vision otherwise.
The FBI Agent: Each Night receives a clue as to the Drifters identity.
The Tavern Owner: Each night chooses a Player to Jail in the keg cooler. Cannot Jail the same Player twice. If Jails self cannot comment the next Day.
The Concerned Citizen: Town Vigilante with a Nightly shot. Will only be activated once conditions have been met. Will be RNGed from VT.
10 9 VT: Wins when all Scum have been eliminated.

Deputy Dawgs: Three Two Wolves that answer to Sheriff Lobogunny who will RNG which Wolf will carry out their kill each Night.
The Drifter: Serial Killer.
The Copy Cat Killer: Mimic Serial Killer. Will only be activated once conditions have been met. Will be RNGed from VT. The Drifter and the CCK will share the Win if they are the last two Players but don’t share a QT.

1) jake- Toko Fukawa
2) Goat- Tracer Bullet
3) Captain Video- Drackola VANILLA TOWN
4) sic- Spider-Man Noir
5) Lindsay- McGruff the Crime Dog
6) Mayelbridwen- Shadow
7) Nate the Lesser- Uncle Rico
8) Cop on the Edg-ish- Harry Dresden DEPUTY DAWG
9) spooky- Ling-Long Johnson
10) Grumos- Pete Martell
11) Ralph- Property Bros
12) Jude- Death? Nobody? Symbol?
13) Indy- Irving N. Deabman
14) April- Chief Clancy Wiggum, PI
15) emmelem- Marion Crane
16) Corporal Hicks- J.J. Gittes

17) MSD- Timmy Turner, Private Eye

18) Raven- Duck-tective and Constable

19) Louie- P.I. Emerson Cod II

20) Josephus- BMO Noir

Twilight will be Friday, November 8th, at 4pm PST