Millennial Malaise is Taking the Week Off

In Which There Are Other Things to Write

Hello, Thursday is normally the day of the week where the reading public excitedly updates the Avocado for the latest installment in Millennial Malaise, the only series dedicated to movies made between the end of the Cold War and 9/11. Unfortunately today there will be no new article because I was busy with another project, and honestly didn’t have time to squeeze in a flick.

So instead I’m going to pop over and throw up a schedule, and since November is all about Thanksgiving and connecting with the family I’ve got three films that do just that.

11/14 The Brady Bunch Movie

11/21 Magnolia

11/28 Buffalo ’66

I will take recommendations for films to cover in December as well (yes Go is already on the slate) , so sound off in the comments.