Sports Corner – November 6, 2019

It was another bland football weekend.  The top ranked CFB teams were off.  The NFL slate was pretty dull, with few good matchups and fewer exciting games.  Who will rescue us from the midseasons blahs?

Why, none other than FOOTBALL CAT!  Yes, Football Cat, with feline speed and agility, with pelt of black, making an otherwise dreary game memorable.  Thank you, Football Cat, wherever you are.

And sorry, Giants fans.  Either this black cat was bad luck only for you (and me), or even Football Cat couldn’t overcome the odds.  For as Branch Rickey once said, “luck is the residue of design.”  And boy, are the Giants designed badly.


  • Congrats to the Nats and their fans on a world title
  • Hot stove league time is upon us.  Assuming the free agents are signed any time soon.
  • Roger Penske buys the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Indy 500, most likely ensuring its viability for a long time to come
  • LBJ and Luka put on a show for the ages
  • And college basketball starts up

As ever, all sports subjects welcome.