Werewolf 107: A Reason To Kill! Signups

November 5th
12:01 am

Sheriff Lobogunny’s office was as warm and smelly as a kitten’s fart. Stocking feet propped on the desk, Dogtown’s Sheriff  stared out the window mesmerized by the full moon playing Peek-a-boo behind the clouds. Three slugs of bourbon in and the Sheriff was tip toeing to the edge of sleepy dreamy time.

Right on cue the dispatch radio squawked and Sheriff Lobogunny just about went ass over tits.

“Sheriff Lobo, do you copy?”

Lobo thumbed the talk button.

“Lobo here.”

“Sheriff…we found another one.”


“Same MO and everything.”

“Fuck me. Are you sure?”

“Sure as M-O-O-N spells Psycho Fucking Killer. You comin’ down?”

“Yeah yeah. Be there in 10.”

“Roger that, Lobo.”

This was bad. This was really fucking bad. Another body meant the FBI would be on their way, sure as shittin’. And with the Feds nosing around Lobo and the Deputy Dawgs would have a hard time bringing the Program to fruition.

“Fuck me,” Lobo spat and hustled down to the Sheriff’s car. Turning on the Blues and squealing out of the parking lot, Lobo lit a stogie and drove to the scene of the most recent Drifter killing.

Welcome to Werewolf 107: A Reason To Kill!


The Psychic: Each Night chooses a Player and receives a Vision of their Night actions: Bloody Vision if that Player is involved with a death, Chilly Vision if that Player is Jailed, and Boring Vision otherwise.
The FBI Agent: Each Night receives a clue as to the Drifters identity.
The Tavern Owner: Each night chooses a Player to Jail in the keg cooler. Cannot Jail the same Player twice. If Jails self cannot comment the next Day.
The Concerned Citizen: Town Vigilante with a Nightly shot. Will only be activated once conditions have been met. Will be RNGed from VT.
10 VT: Wins when all Scum have been eliminated.

Deputy Dawgs: Three Wolves that answer to Sheriff Lobogunny who will RNG which Wolf will carry out their kill each Night.
The Drifter: Serial Killer.
The Copy Cat Killer: Mimic Serial Killer. Will only be activated once conditions have been met. Will be RNGed from VT. The Drifter and the CCK will share the Win if they are the last two Players but don’t share a QT.

1) jake
2) Goat
3) Captain Video
4) sic
5) Lindsay
6) Mayelbridwen
7) Nate the Lesser
8) Cop on the Edg-ish
9) spooky
10) Grumos
11) Ralph
12) Jude
13) Indy
14) April
15) emmelem
16) Corporal Hicks

17) MSD

18) Raven

19) Louie

20) Josephus


No quoting from QTs.

I’m not going to put a limit on comments but this is a small game. If you aren’t planning on, or don’t think you’ll be able to, participate very much please don’t signup.

Be nice to each other. We all go through some shit from time to time so try some empathy before making that snarky comment. This is a good place to blow off some steam and goof around, just don’t do it at someone else’s expense.

Have fun.

– hoho <3