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The Weekend Politics Thread Is The Unrelentingest

News is, more or less by definition, unrelenting. I mean, that’s what news MEANS, right? New things happening?

But of course sometimes the news is more unrelentinger than other times, and this is clearly one of those times. As somebody (a horse promoting ebooks, apparently – the internet is a strange place) once said, “Everything happens so much.” It’s hard to keep up.

Well, this politics thread exists so that we can try and digest all this new information, even the most unrelentingest.

Anyway, for no damn reason at all, I conclude with the most nü-metal music video ever, “Check Ya” by From Zero. Good or bad? I leave that for you to decide. But, the most nü-metal? Oh yeah.

Let’s have no threats against Mayor McSquirrel or anybody else. Enjoy the weekend!