The Creeps: Day 2

Jake Junior had tragically, horrifically been reduced to nothing but a globless blank-eyed girl…

Oh yeah, she never really had eyes to begin with, huh? Well, nonetheless she’s out for the count.

Jake Jr. (Hoho) has been eliminated. He was a Starchy Fan/Detective. 

Elsewhere, a bonus Ball-blam-berglerber has been distributed in order to help even the odds against these mysterious and true-aimed ghosts.

And don’t forget…Anyone who tries to leave will die. 



8 Citizens of The Land of Ooo (Town): Your goal is to collectively identify, and by means of a daily popular vote, tie up, the four possessed guests before they outnumber you.

2 Adventure Bros (Town Masons, sort of): The two of you are best buds who’ve stood together through thick and thin. You know each other’s personalities on a deep and abiding level… and are determined to prank one another. The two of you will share a private chat. You may win together as part of town if you both survive, or one of you may win individually if the other is day-killed. If either of you are eliminated by wolves, you both lose.

1 Regular listener to “Starchy’s Graveyard Shift (Town Detective): As a fan of Starchy the Gravedigger’s nightly conspiracy program, you’ve been conned into purchasing a set of ghost-detecting equipment from King of Ooo Enterprises. But due to a miscommunication in the supply chain, you got actual, functioning ghost-detecting equipment instead. Once per night you may investigate another player and determine their faction and role.

1 Wizard (Town Witch): Having access to Wizard City, you’ve purchased two bottled spells from Ron James. One is a curative potion that will save one other player from being targeted for a single night. The other is a Power Shriek– the most shameful of all magics– that will allow you to eliminate one player. Each can be administered by night exactly once. If the Witch is eliminated before using both of their spells, one randomly-selected player will discover a misplaced Ball-Blam-Berglerber, allowing them a single nightkill of their own.

4 Possessed Citizens of Ooo (Wolves): The Wolves will share a QT, where they will decide on a nightly basis which player to eliminate. The wolves win if half or more of the remaining players are wolves.


Player Name Character Name Mystery Name
1. Cop on the Edge-Ish Marshall Lee Rafaello Winchesteroni
2. Jude LSP Duchess Gummybuns
3. Grump Marceline Carlotta Winchesteroni
4. Ralph Tiffany The Reverend Pinque
5. Josephus James Baxter Ser Hurlington
6. Side Character Root Beer Guy Octavian
7. dw Fern Prince Rotbod
8. Hayes Choose Goose Ombudsman Farchibald
9. Jake Jake the Dog Randy Butternubs
10. MSD Peppermint Butler Wolfgang von Pooey
11. Wasp Hot Dog Princess The Contessa
12. Gramps Gunter Huntington Wheatley
13. Sic Lemongrab Doctor Arsene
14. Lindsay Susan Strong Marchioness Magnolia
15. Demyx Shelby Sparkles the Wonder Horse
16. Hoho Jake Jr. Rhonda Butternubs III