To Boldy Sew: Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Season 2 Review

To Boldly Sew is a recap of DS9 episodes, with a specific focus on the fashions of the many aliens and other characters that make up the series. Feel free to discuss matters of plot and general Star Trek things in the comments. 

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We are through another 26 episodes and all of Season 2 of DS9, so it’s time to pause and review the fashions of the past season.

First, the main cast. While the Starfleet and Bajoran officers usually wear their uniforms, they did get a little bit of a chance to let their creative fashion juices flow this season. Here’s a review of the most memorable outfits of each:

Commander Benjamin Sisko:

In Episode 5, we learned that Sisko takes some cues from Hefner when it comes to sleep wear, and he’s pretty snarky if you wake him in the middle of the night to ask to use a runabout for no discernible reason.

Sisko robe 02.05

In Episode 26, we learned that maybe Jake got his fashion sense from his dad.

Sisko 02.26

Lieutenant Jadzia Dax:

In Episode 3, Kira has a vision of her as a Bajoran, which later comes true when she has to sneak into the Bajoran Chamber of Ministers.

Dax Bajoran 02.03

In Episode 4, we got to see her markings a bit more than before.

Dax naked 02.04

In Episode 19, she went off to help some old Klingons get justice…or was it just revenge? No Starfleet uniform! Is this black and gray outfit just what she wears underneath, or was it an actual new shirt? Who knows!

dax 02.19

Dr. Julian Bashir

In Episode 3, with Starfleet officially having abandoned DS9, those who stay behind shun their uniforms for casual attire, including the doctor. Science through and through, he sticks with blue.

Bashir casual 02.03

In Episode 11, we see him don his athletic gear for the first time. Maybe it helps him win, maybe it’s the luck machine, but either way it doesn’t do much for his fashion credentials. Stick to medicine, Doctor.

Bashir 02.11

Chief Miles O’Brien

In Episode 1, he headed off to liberate some Bajoran Prisoners, and wore a perfectly cromulent outfit.

Kira-O'Brien Casual 2.01

And in Episode 11 he might not have beat Bashir at the game, but he definitely beat him at fashion.

Bashir-OB 02.11
I like Bashir, but…::shudder::

Major Kira Nerys

In episode 2, she took a break from her duties to get busy spiritual with some help from Bareil, and got to wear something that might have even been a dress. Also, she let her hair down a little and grew out some bangs.

Kira casual 02.02

In Episode 16, she kicked both O’Brien and Bashir to the curb, fashionably speaking, with an 80s inspired headband. She also beat Bareil, so the fashion was probably a help.

Kira 02.16

And then in Episode 24, she got spiritual busy with Bareil in this sexy nightgown.

Kira 02.24


In Episode 3, Odo used his abilities to become one with the wall.

Odo 02.03

And in Episode 8, a flashback showed that he wasn’t so creative when he was left to create whatever he wanted in terms of clothes.

Odo 02.08


Keiko O’Brien

Keiko 02.05

Nothing dramatic from Keiko, just some casual awesomeness, like here in Episode 5 where she has this neat quilted vest thing.


I was quite pleased this season by Quark’s newest wardrobe addition, this stained-glass inspired jacket with teal pants.

Quark New Jacket 02.06

But even he has missteps, like this outfit in Episode 26 that he wore on a camping trip (turned kidnapping turned rescue mission that eventually made everyone realize the galaxy was in danger). Unlike his usual fitted jackets, he wears drapey layered shirts and vests!

Quark 02.26


Nothing much better from Nog this season, as he wore a pair of overalls and a shirt with shiny stripes to that camping trip.

Nog 02.26

And this carnival-inspired outfit from Episode 10 isn’t much better, though I still hate it less than Jake’s Worst Jumpsuit on the right there.

nog 02.10

Jake Sisko

Speaking of Jake, what did he wear to that camping trip/science project trip? Hey, that’s actually not totally terrible. The reds on the top kind of clash a little, but in a fashion-off between himself and Nog…Jake actually is better. Maybe there’s hope for this kid yet.

Jake 02.26

In Episode 9, he showed that he hasn’t quite taken after his father in terms of pajama type outfits.


Jake PJs 02.09

Although, this jumpsuit from Episode 14 shows some promise. The colors are still terrible, but at least it’s not too garish.

Jake 02.14

In Episode 16, he tried his hand at working with O’Brien and maybe joining Starfleet, so he toned down the colors to look professional. I’m not sure it was a success.

Jake 02.16

Guest Stars:

As always, the most interesting fashions come from those who aren’t on the show every week. Let’s check those out.


Mareel appears in Episode 4 to help a boringly-dressed Trill steal the Dax symbiont. She realizes she can do better than him, not the least because she is dressed much better. Denim-inspired top, big hair, flowing locks? She could definitely get a more interesting partner.

Mareel 02.04


Everyone’s favorite tailor/spy/exile/Cardassian of Mystery returned several times this season to show off his fashion taste. I don’t hate this green and blue and red thing, though I also can’t say I understand it.

Garak 02.05

Later in the same episode, this dark gray outfit makes an appearance, and I can’t be the only one who enjoyed it as it returns a few more times. It’s by far his best outfit.

Garak dark 02.05

However, not even Garak can make mustard yellow with purple dots and stripes look good. Sorry, Garak.

Garak mustard 02.22
Oh, don’t act like you’re surprised.

Rugal and his adopted Bajoran dad

These two appear in Episode 5. The old man doesn’t look bad in shades of blue, but Rugal seems to suffer the same misfortune with mustard yellow that Garak does – must be a genetic Cardassian thing. Even a bit of brown and orange – while better than purple dots! – doesn’t do much to help him along.

Old Bajoran Man + Rugal 02.05

Unnamed Klingon Chef

In Episode 6 and then again in 17, this guy appears. He cooks, he serves, he sings, he plays this stringed instrument and later an accordion. Is there anything he can’t do? Well the jury’s out on his outfit.

Klingon chef 02.06

Grand Nagus Zek

Episode 7 takes a dive into the Ferengi world, so Grand Nagus Zek makes another wrinkly appearance. Though the man is loathsome, you have to admit he knows how to add some shine to an outfit. This outfits reminds me of one of those denim jackets that got covered with buttons in the 80s.

Zek 02.07


Grand Nagus Zek was brought to his knees by the sight of a Ferengi female wearing…clothes. Since she’s in disguise as a male for most of the episode, Pel doesn’t really do anything outrageous fashion-wise, but she deserves mention just for that act of bravery and ingenuity at hiding herself in her clothes. Fashion is about more than just expressing ourselves sometimes, it’s about fitting into the boxes society puts us in – or stepping out of them, as Pel proves is possible.

Pel 02.07

Mrs. Vaatrik

Even though she’s a widow, Mrs. Vaatrik is never given her own name. She’s got some great style though, so I urge you to check out episode 8 to see all her outfits. This one, in the shot where we first see her, is perhaps the most dramatic.

Vaatrik 02.08

Professor Seyetik

An obnoxious narcissist who decides to blow himself up in the name of science rather than work on his marriage, Seyetik nonetheless has some great outfits in Episode 9.

seyetik 02.09


Also in Episode 9, Fenna’s outfit is a dress, no, a pair of harem pants…no, it’s a jumpsuit with a lacy overdress. Dramatic – and sexy enough to almost win the heart of Benjamin Sisko.

Fenna 02.09


In Episode 10, Haneek and her people come to DS9 seeking safety and a new home world. They don’t quite get what they want, but Haneek got what she wanted in this outfit, if what she wanted was a color explosion.

Haneek 02.10

Natima Lang

Former lover of Quark turned Cardassian dissident Professor Natima Lang knows how to work some off-white blends while continuing a love-hate relationship with the Ferengi in Episode 18.

natima_lang 02.18


Okay, so Alixus tricks her people, tortures Sisko, and is generally a terrible person n Episode 15, but she does have a cute outfit. I really like that her sweater has pockets. Pockets!

Alixus 02.15

Vedek Bareil

In Episode 16, terminally boring Bareil steps out of his orange robes to sports around with Kira. Sadly, he is beaten in that contest.

Bareil 02.16
Maybe because he’s missing the headband?

Vedek Kai Winn

In Episode 24, Bareil loses again, this time to Winn, who ascends to the esteemed position of Kai and thus gets this neat kimono type outfit to wear. Sadly, she had to give up the hat inspired by the Sydney Opera House. I will miss it.

Kai Winn 02.24


In Episode 16, Dax and Odo help out an old man with a fondness for holograms. Rurigan and his creations are fond of flowing white robes and beads, and Rurigan himself also envies the hats of chefs.

Rurigan 02.16


In Episode 20 and 21, this well-dressed Vulcan woman surprises everyone by buying weapons for the Maquis. It’s only logical that they were floored by her fashion sense as well.

Sakonna 02.20


In Episode 19, Dax helps a trio of old friends fulfill an oath made long ago. Koloth is the best dressed of the three, with a lighter colored vest that compliments his white hair nicely.

Koloth 02.19

Mirror Kira Nerys, “The Intendant.”

Kira in an alternate universe, The Intendant is both just like our Kira Nerys and entirely different. She’s fond of black one-piece outfits, silvery headbands, shiny statues of the male torso, and absolute control over her people.

Mirror Kira 02.23


– Anyone I missed? Anything you disagreed with?

What were your favorite and least favorite episodes of Season 2?

Tune in next week as we launch Season 3!