Longform Political Discussion Thread Delays Brexit and makes fake ads on Facebook

Another Week another Longform Thread. Today’s Main Topics Are

  1. Brexit delayed (AGAIN!)
    1. As Brexit deadline moves once again, many left wondering what comes next: Analysis  By Guy Davies on ABC News is a general breakdown of the latest breakdown of the madness.
    2. In news that certainly isn’t symbolic of anything the U.K. had to destroy a lot of commemorative 50-pence coins made to celebrate the leaving of the E.U. scheduled for today (October 31, 2019) https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-10-28/u-k-to-destroy-commemorative-50p-coins-in-brexit-meltdown?srnd=brexit 
  2. Facebook’s Political Ad Problem
    1. Democrats are pushing the limits on Facebook’s “Anything goes” policy. By Emily Stewart
    2. A CNN interview with California Gubernatorial Candidate Adriel Hampton. Hampton is running as a Democrat mainly so he can push Facebook to do something about its ad problem.


  • Embeds are fine but make sure they can facilitate discussion deeper than “Oh that’s neat.” or “Oh that’s bad”
  • TLDR Policy: While everyone is heavily encouraged to read the articles, tweets, bills, studies in full before responding you can still feel free to post excerpts especially if they contain something specific you want to talk about
  • Jokes are going to happen but try to keep them in the snark while making a larger point mode and not just a quick one-liner

Happy Discussing!