Sports Corner – October 30, 2019

The NFL trade deadline has come and gone, and after a flurry of activity leading to yesterday, it all kind of fizzled.  Even though the entire roster of the Jets less two was available. But now we are ready to move to the second half of this strange season, where most of the playoff spots seem to be set already, where there are a lot of awful teams, and where the Patriots continue to devour all comers.

Meanwhile, by the time this posts, the Astros may or may not have won the World Series. Either way, I am hoping for a close game.  It’s been pretty underwhelming so far, with off the field issues and low ratings dominating the coverage.


  • A week into the NBA season and the Clippers look great, the Warriors don’t, and Harden and Russ are still trying to mesh.
  • The Islanders are the hottest team in the NHL, the Rangers the coldest.
  • Tiger Woods sets the record for most PGA titles.
  • LSU is number one, for the moment.

As ever, all sports subjects welcome!