Best Video Game Song Tournament, 1983-1989: Top 64 (Part 3 of 4)

Now it’s time for the knockout rounds. We’ll be single-elimination from here on out. You can see the bracket here

We’ll be doing the entire top 64 this week, 16 songs per day. Feathering groups same as last time, so each group will be open until 10PM (pacific) the day after it goes up. Yesterday’s group is still open until tonight; you can vote here. You can listen to a playlist of the entire top 64 (in matchup order!) here.


Voting will be live until Thursday, October 29th at 10:00 PM Pacific

Also, results are IN for the first group! Here they are:

Metroid – Brinstar (16) vs Marble Madness – Beginner Race (11)
Super Mario Bros 3 – Overworld Theme 2 (9) vs Contra – Jungle Theme (15)
Super Mario Bros 3 – Underground (10) vs OutRun – Splash Wave (12)
Mike Tyson’s Punch Out! – Fight Theme (7) vs Mega Man 2 – Wood Man (13)
M.U.L.E. – Main Theme (7) vs Catlevania – Wicked Child (15)
Metroid – Kraid’s Lair (16) vs Power Drift Arcade – Like the Wind (9)
Castlevania – Vampire Killer (15) vs Mega Man 2 – Crash Man (6)
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link – Dungeon (10) vs Mega Man 2 – Bubble Man (12)

Overall Super Mario Bros 3 did not have a good round, losing twice as the nominal favorite. We also bid farewell to two of my favorite dark horses, Marble Madness – Beginner Race and the ever funky M.U.L.E – Main Theme. Bad luck in the seeding I suppose.