Weekly Fitness Thread Trick-or-Treats

Hello and welcome to the weekly fitness thread. This week’s topic is: Halloween! How does Halloween affect your fitness? Do you try and put in a bit more exercise in anticipation of eating candy? Do you burn a lot of calories partying? Are you one of those monsters who gives kids raisins? Fun fact: Walking a mile burns anywhere from 65 to 100 calories for adults (weighing 120-180 lbs). This means, given that a fun size candy bar is about 80 calories, that your ideal neighborhood has a distance between each house of one mile, allowing you to “break even” and eat every candy bar as you receive them.

Weighing around 220 lbs, Tom Brady’s ideal trick-or-treating neighborhood would have each house separated by half a mile. Given the wealth of Tom Brady, this seems feasible.

As well as the weekly topic, feel free to discuss your progress, missteps, and goals. Remember that this thread is about encouraging each other to do better. Be safe, be smart, be kind; to others and to yourselves. 🙂