To Boldy Sew: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S02E26: “The Jem’Hadar”

To Boldly Sew is a recap of DS9 episodes, with a specific focus on the fashions of the many aliens and other characters that make up the series. Feel free to discuss matters of plot and general Star Trek things in the comments. 

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Jake is doing a science project when his dad comes in. He’s growing some Bajoran plants.


The project seems to involve using a fancy eye dropper to drip water into these miniature bowls. Jake is wearing light brown with a dark brown horizontal stripe. Can’t tell if it’s a jumpsuit, but I think we’re safe in assuming it is. If it wasn’t, it’d be a mostly okay shirt to wear, but I’m pretty sure it’s a jumpsuit, because Jake.

Sisko is disappointed that it’s low-tech. Sisko thinks he could do something more exciting and asks Jake what his ideal science project would be. Jake wants to learn to pilot a runabout. Not exactly a science project.

For his second choice, Jake suggests visiting the Gamma Quadrant. What would he do when he got there? A planetary survey. Sisko says let’s do it. It’ll be a working vacation. Jake is excited.

Kira, Dax, and Sisko discuss plans for the next few days. Kira suggests Sisko see the irrigation system on New Bajor, but Sisko just wants to spend time with Jake.

He’s going to miss a ship that’s coming in 3 days, and Dax’s reunion with Captain Keogh. Dax thinks he’s a bit arrogant. Sisko says Keogh said the same thing about Dax.

Jake comes to visit. He says that Nog is having trouble with a science project so he told Nog he could be his partner. Sisko is floored. Jake says that if Nog doesn’t get a good grade on the project he’s going to drop out of school. Sisko suggests Nog help analyze the survey information when they return, but Jake says it’s not enough – Mrs. O’Brien says he needs to be an equal partner.

Sisko is obviously reluctant, but agrees.

At Quark’s, Quark encourages Morn to talk to him and help him with his troubles. Morn begins to speak but then Quark sees Odo coming in and tells him to wait.

Quark asks Odo what Sisko thinks of his idea to use the monitors throughout the station to sell merchandise. Sisko said no. How could he refuse, Quark wonders. Odo suggests that Sisko doesn’t like him. Quark is surprised by this, having previously thought that Kira didn’t like him.


Quark is wearing his boring greenish upholstery jacket. Yawn.

He asks Odo if there’s a way to get Sisko to change his mind. Odo just scoffs and walks away.

Nog comes up and tells Quark that he’s not going to be able to work the next few days because he’s going to the Gamma Quadrant with Jake and Sisko. Quark says this is lucky.


Nog is wearing a greenish shirt with an orange poncho type thing over it. We’ve seen him wear this outfit before (although he hasn’t appeared in a while) and the color scheme kind of works for his skin tone.

Morn watches Quark and Nog walk off, disappointed.


Nog and Jake enter the runabout with great excitement. Nog says he’s never seen a runabout cockpit before.


Oy, the colors. Jake has a brown jumpsuit with some sort of weird shoulder decoration – a red-orange stripe and then some kind of patterned pink? I don’t know what to make of it.

Nog, meanwhile, is wearing overalls (I think?) and some combination of stripes and pinkish orange shirt. I think I’m going to come back to this.

Sisko comes on and tells the kids to stow the gear in the back while he prepares to launch. Nog grabs the bags and volunteers to do it himself. Sisko and Jake have a heart-to-heart, with Jake promising that Nog won’t be any trouble.


Sisko is wearing a weird shirt of orange and orange, clearly kind of mimicking a Starfleet uniform, but in a much uglier color. He appears to be wearing pants, though for all I know it could be a one-piece outfit – with a pointless belt.

Quark comes on board with some bags and says he’s coming along. This is news to everyone else there. Quark says of course he can’t let his nephew go all the way to the Gamma Quadrant without proper supervision.


Ah, Quark. I guess this is what counts as casual camping clothes from him. It looks like a yellow sweater and then a light green over-shirt, and then a vest of brown with reddish trim. I feel like the color budget was maxed out on this episode.

Quark tells Sisko that Rom is more conservative than he is and has not been comfortable with Jake and Nog’s friendship. Sisko says he’ll take care of Nog and won’t try to corrupt him with human values. Quark says he knows that, but Rom is convinced that humans look down on Ferengi, and that by allowing Quark to join them, Sisko will prove him wrong.

He is wrong, isn’t he?

Sisko relents and decides to leave before anyone else shows up.


They pass through the wormhole and head for a planet with lots of mountains and greenery.

Sisko says that early surveys suggest it’s a lot like early Earth – lots of plant life, fish, insects, but no predators or large animals. Quark is not impressed by the beauty, nor Sisko’s statement that it’s as close to paradise as one can get.

Quark says he sees exploitable resources. Sisko guesses he wants to cut down the trees and strip-mine the planet. Quark says a wise man once wrote: “Nature decays, but latinum lasts forever.” Nog recognizes this as Rule of Acquisition 102; Quark compliments his knowledge.

Quark then complains about his head itching and asks for Nog to get him some ointment from the bags, but refuses to return to the runabout to sleep, saying he’s looking forward to them getting to know each other. Sisko is not thrilled about this.

The group heads off into the forest and stops to rest near some trees and flowers. Quark rubs a bunch of lotion on his ears and complains about the heat and humidity and the smell of the flowers. He says he’s glad he and Sisko could talk like this.

Sisko cuts to the chase and tells him he’s not going to allow Quark to sell merchandise on the station’s monitors. Quark asks why and explains that he can offer a bunch of merchandise not easily available in the sector. He lists several examples of collectibles and jewelry and says he can sell them at a discount. Sisko is still not impressed, even when Quark says he’ll donate a percentage to the Bajoran Fund for Orphans.

Jake and Nog are working on analyzing the atmosphere – 71% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 2% carbon dioxide. The water contains traces of copper, nickel, and byrithium. There’s some lead also, but they think it’s localized from the soil, and are going to check other water sources to be sure.


I’m no more understanding of Nog’s outfit in this shot than I was prior. So there are stripes on the chest, but not on the arms? The stripes are also pretty shiny. That’s all I have to say about that.

Sisko suggest that they put that off until the next day, as he’s about to start dinner – jambalaya. Jake is thrilled. Nog doesn’t know what jambalaya is, but Jake assures him he’ll love it.

Around the fire, the group finishes up dinner. Nog says he thinks he’s developing a taste for human food and claims to have enjoyed it. Quark is less enthusiastic, and complains about the insects. Sisko says he thought Ferengis liked to eat bugs. Only certain bugs. He asks Nog to get him more ointment for his neck.

Sisko advises that Jake get some sleep for the next day, as he still has a bunch of work to do. Jake agrees, and says the trip reminds him of a camping trip they took to Itamish III – he doesn’t remember the two of them and his mom ever having more fun together.

Wasn’t that when Sisko taught him how to water ski? Mom taught me, Jake corrects. Yes, she was always the graceful one. Sisko says he’d like them to get away more often. Jake says he’s ready whenever Sisko is, and so is Nog, then laughs at Sisko’s alarmed reaction.

Their peaceful joking is interrupted by Quark screaming that he’s on fire.


His sleeve has caught fire and he is waving his arm around and screaming. Sisko grabs a blanket and throws it over Quark’s arm, dousing the flames. Quark is is not happy and begins a rant about how his nose is running, he’s itchy, and now he’s burned, and Sisko tells him to sit down and stay out of trouble.

Nog is clearly upset and runs off. Jake follows him. Quark blames Sisko for upsetting Nog by insulting his favorite uncle. He says that Rom was right and that Sisko doesn’t like Ferengis and is treating Quark badly because of his prejudice. He says Federation types talk about tolerance and understanding but only practice it with people who remind them of themselves. They disapprove of Ferengi values so they scorn them, distrust them, and insult them.

Sisko says he doesn’t need to defend himself. Quark asks if Sisko would let his son marry a Ferengi female. Sisko says he never thought about it. Quark says this is his point.

Out of nowhere an alien runs into the clearing.


The alien seems to be wearing a blazer over a striped shirt. The shirt’s sleeves are longer than the jacket’s sleeves, which is a style choice.

They all stare at one another, and then the alien creates this glowing orb from their chest and directs it toward Sisko. It slams into his chest and throws him back several feet.

“ooh, shiny….”

Quark throws up his hands in a disarming gesture. The alien, who has a high-pitched voice so I’m assuming is female, asks how many there are. He says only the two of them. She corrects him, saying she’s really asking about the Jem’Hadar.

Sisko, recovered, gets up and says they don’t know who she’s talking about and they are not her enemies. She says they’d better run, and does so herself, heading off toward the woods.

Before she gets very far, though, several other aliens appear from nothing, holding weapons. They soon surround Sisko, Quark, and the alien. The one nearest to the alien grins at her and says it’s too late.


The Jem’Hadar are kind of reptilian-looking, with what looks like very thick skin. This guy’s outfit looks like black leather (or vinyl) over black vinyl (or leather).

Cowering behind Sisko, Quark says it has not been a good day.

Jake and Nog have a flashlight and tricorder, and return to the clearing where they left the older members of their party, finding it empty. Jake has a communication badge, and he tries calling Sisko. There’s no response.

Nog wonders if they were attacked by wild animals, but Jake reminds them that there are no wild animals on this planet – only insects and plants. Nog suggests they were attacked by a vicious tree.

Jake shines a light on the ground, and they see some boot prints in the dirt, ruling out the idea of trees as attackers. Nog thinks they ought to beam up to the runabout. Jake doesn’t think they should run away. Nog denies being scared.

They decide to track Sisko with the tricorder.

Meanwhile, Quark, Sisko, and the alien woman are in a pink circle of light. Quark yells out to ask if anyone is there, but there is no answer. Sisko tells him to be quiet. Quark tries to get the woman to tell their captors that she’s never seen them before. He yells that he has no idea what’s going on.


Sisko wants him to shut up and threatens to punch him. Quark says that Sisko doesn’t scare him because he’s already more scared than he’s been in his life. Sisko says that Quark isn’t helping. Quark says no one else is coming up with any ideas.

Sisko says that it looks like the woman has been running from these people for a while and has probably been through a lot. She doesn’t know who Quark and Sisko are and if she can trust them. He hopes that Jake and Nog stay out of sight until help arrives. Quark says he did not raise his nephew to be a fool and he’ll hide in the nearest dark hole. Sisko thinks Jake will look for them.

Quark asks if Starfleet doesn’t teach them how to neutralize security fields. Sisko is not familiar with the field surrounding them. He thinks it’s generated by the light bar. He reaches out to touch it but the woman stops him, saying the barrier will kill them. He thanks her, and she says she has no wish to see them hurt.

Moving closer, Sisko asks how she knew the barrier was lethal. She says everything about the Jem’Hadar is lethal. He asks for more information. She is surprised she has not heard of them. He introduces himself and explains that they came through a wormhole and live thousands of light years away. She says she is named Eris. He offers to shake hands, and they do. He also points out Quark, who nods toward her.

Eris says the Jem’Hadar are the most feared soldiers in the Dominion. Quark says the Ferengi have been trying to open trade negotiations with the Dominon for almost a year, but they’ve not heard of the Jem’Hadar. She says they’re fortunate, as negotiating with the Jem’Hadar is dangerous.

If it’s dangerous, why do business with them, Sisko asks. She says that the Dominion decides that you have something they want, and then they come and take it, by negotiation or force. She saw it happen on her own world. Kurill Prime was offered entry into the Dominion. They thought their telekinetic powers would be useful. That’s what she used to knock down Sisko.

When Kurill refused the Dominion’s offer, they sent in the Jem’Hadar. They destroyed their communication center and executed leaders, seizing control of the planet. Eris was on a freighter going home when the attack occurred and fled, but they came after her. Her mother was an opponent of the Dominion.

She is wearing a collar around her neck that suppresses her telekinetic abilities, otherwise she’d be able to break free. Sisko says they’ll have to find a way to get it off. She says even if they get past the barrier, no one escapes the Jem’Hadar.

Sisko points out that the three of them are in the same field and he’s never seen more than four guards on duty at any time. He thinks the Jem’Hadar are overconfident, and this will help them escape. He starts to examine the collar.

Meanwhile, Nog and Jake are still following the trail, though Nog is skeptical of Jake’s ability to read the tricorder after hours of walking. Jake is reading some humanoid life-forms, though.


I do have to admit that their outfits are decent camouflage.

They come across some Jem’Hadar congregating near a cave entrance, and observe that they don’t look very friendly.


Back in the containment field, Quark has resumed his yelling for attention while Sisko works on the collar. Eris asks if they have to take Quark with them. She wonders if he’s accomplishing something. Sisko says they need to know what the Jem’Hadar plan to do with them, and he knows that Quark is hard to ignore.

At that moment one of the guards comes in and tells Quark to shut up.


This guy is also wearing black on black on black, so I guess that’s the Jem’Hadar standard uniform. There’s a kind of subtle pattern to a part of his uniform, though, perhaps decorative.

Sisko and Eris stand up as the guard lowers the security field. Sisko introduces himself and says he wants to know why they’re being held. The guard says it’s not his concern. So why are they being held? Because the founders don’t want them released. Who are the founders? That’s not Sisko’s concern.

Quark steps forward and tries to bribe the guard, asking if he’d like a thousand cases of tulaberry wine. The guard places a hand on Quark’s chest, causing him obvious distress. The guard also points a weapon at Sisko, saying he’s not going to do any permanent damage. He then throws Quark to the ground.

Sisko says that if the Founders are the ones who give the orders, then he wants to meet them. The guard says those aren’t his orders. Eris says the guard can’t take them to the Founders because they don’t exist – they’re a myth. The guard says they exist – they created the Dominion. And the Jem’Hadar are their servants, Sisko asks.

The guard glances down at Quark who is moaning in pain. Derisively, he says they are Ferengi and Human. He was hoping the first race he’d meet from the other side of the anomaly would be the Klingons. Sisko apologizes for disappointing him.

He says it’s too late for apologies – the Dominion will no longer stand by and allow ships from their side to violate their territory. He says the Klingons are effective warriors and asks about the bat’leth. Sisko is not interested in talking about the Klingons. The guard asks about the Cardassians and if he is satisfied with the treaty they made – it seems a tactical error.

Sisko asks how he knows so much about their side of the galaxy. They gain more knowledge every day and now they have Sisko to tell us more. Sisko says he won’t answer questions. The guard says he won’t be asking them. Who will? The guard just says again he was hoping to meet a Klingon.

Then he turns and leaves, reactivating the security field as Quark gets to his feet again. He says he feels better now that they’re all friends.


Jake and Nog beam back to the runabout. Jake has come up with a plan.


He tells the computer to scan the area around the base camp for human and Ferengi life signs. The computer locates them. Jake orders them to beam up, but the computer can’t comply as there’s a spatial distortion field.

Jake wonders if they should go back to the station. Nog agrees this is a good idea. They try to order the computer to take them home, but they need an authorization code that they don’t have. Meanwhile, a vessel approaches from the planet’s surface.

Nog panics and asks the computer to fire phasers and launch escape pods, but Jake, slightly more calm asks it to display the approaching ship on the monitor. The ship has left orbit and entered warp. Did they not see the runabout, or were they just not what the ship was looking for?

They’ll need to shut down the autopilot if they’re going to get home. Jake says they’ll find out how much he learned working for Chief O’Brien.

Back on DS9, Kira comes to Ops and asks about the ship they’re expecting. It’s eight hours away. A ship is coming through the wormhole. They try hailing them, but there’s no response. Kira orders shields up, Yellow Alert.

Despite this, an alien appears in Ops. It’s a Jem’Hadar, but they don’t know that. O’Brien orders a containment field around it. Kira introduces herself, apologizing for the field but says it’s customary to identify oneself before transporting in to a command center.


I honestly can’t tell if this is the same guy who was talking to Sisko or not, since he didn’t introduce himself. His outfit is basically the same, so that’s no help. I’m now noticing that he has some kind of thing on his right shoulder – perhaps an indication of rank? – as well as a thin tube from his neck to his chest.

The alien says he is Third Talak’talan of the Jem’Hadar. He is there to inform them that their commander has been detained for questioning. How long? Kira asks. Indefinitely. He will serve as an example of what happens to anyone who interferes with the Dominion.

What sort of interference? Kira asks. He says coming through the anomaly is interference enough. Unless they want to continue to offend the Dominion, they should stay on their side of the galaxy.

Dax says that detaining Commander Sisko won’t stop them from exploring the Gamma Quadrant. He says they anticipated that response. He steps forward, out of the containment field without issue, and holds out a thingie, saying it’s a list of vessels they’ve destroyed for violating the territory.

Kira cautiously takes it and studies it. She asks where he got the data pad. He says from the Bajoran colony on their side of the anomaly. He says he heard they fought well for a spiritual people.

Then he transports out. Kira tells O’Brien to lock on a tractor beam, but it fails because they have some sort of shield they’ve never seen before. The ship enters the wormhole and is gone before they can do anything further.

Back in the containment field, Sisko has made some progress with Eris’ collar. It’s a multiple locking system. She asks how he plans to get off the planet. Sisko says he’ll try to call Jake and then transport off the planet. Then what?

He says she can come back to the station, as they would welcome her information. She says she’d be glad to tell them all she knows.

Sisko suggests Quark take a look at the locking mechanism. Quark is annoyed at all the orders. He says humans used to be greedy and inquisitive and interested in profit and humans don’t like Ferengi because they remind them of their past. But, he says, humans used to be a lot worse – and cites examples like slavery and concentration camps. Ferengi have nothing that approaches that kind of barbarism so they are better.

Meanwhile, Jake and Nog are still fiddling with the computer. Nog has a hunch about what to do, but that that causes an imminent warp core collapse. This then causes an epiphany in Jake. He pulls out another piece and this disables the autopilot. However, now they can’t use the autopilot to fly home, and will have to try to fly it themselves.


Jake’s outfit appears to be a one-piece, but he’s wearing a belt anyway, because…fashion? He also seems to have furry knee pads on the pants. I don’t know. Meanwhile Nog’s outfit, when seen from behind, doesn’t look too bad. It’s just the stripes on the front that make it weird.

Meanwhile on DS9, the Odyssey has arrived and Captain Keogh reports Starfleet’s orders – traffic through the wormhole is suspended until they can investigate the threat. Dax asks about Sisko and the others. He says rescuing them is a top priority.


Keogh is a typical white haired old guy – or at least a guy with white hair that makes him seem old.

Dax says if they’re going to try to rescue them, the DS9 crew is coming along. Keogh is not sure this is wise, saying that aside from Kira and O’Brien, none of them have much combat experience. Bashir says they fought the Maquis. Keogh isn’t impressed, saying that he expects the Jem’Hadar to be a much bigger threat. Kira says he’ll need all the help he can get.

Keogh asks O’Brien if he can equip the remaining two runabouts with extra photon torpedos. O’Brien has already started doing that and it should be done in a few hours. Dax says it will take that long to offload non-essential personnel from the Odyssey – which he was doing, right?

He asks if she thought of serving on a starship. Dax says she’s happy where she is. Keogh tells Kira to be ready to go at 1300 hours – he’ll be on the ship until then. They have three hours to prepare.

Odo is walking the halls with two random security guys, explaining the extra security measures they’ll need to be taking. He says the Provisional Government is sending extra security personnel.

Kira comes up and says they need to leave in 15 minutes. He says he’s heading for the Mekong. She asks if he doesn’t want to stay and oversee the station. He’s not required to join. He says that he ought to look out for Quark while the others are looking out for Sisko and the boys.

She’s surprised, as she thought he hated Quark. He says he does but wants him in jail rather than in the hands of the Dominion. She accepts this and heads to the Orinoco, and says to keep his head down. He says she should do the same. They part ways.

The Odyssey goes through the wormhole, with runabouts escorting. Kira and Bashir are together – he nervously wonders where the welcoming committee is.

Meanwhile, O’Brien, Dax, and Odo are in another ship. Dax wonders if the Jem’Hadar were bluffing. Odo thinks it’s a trap.

Keogh calls the runabouts and says they’re not getting anything on long-range scanners but they might have cloaking technology.

Meanwhile, Jake and Nog are trying their hand at piloting the runabout manually. Nog wants to go to warp, but Jake wants to fly at impulse first. Unfortunately, at the speed they’re going, it’ll take 5 years to get back to DS9.

Nog wants to reassemble the autopilot, but Jake isn’t confident in his ability to do that.

The computer beeps a warning – three ships are coming out of warp right in front of them. The Mekong and O’Brien hail Nog and Jake in the Rio Grande. They are so relieved to hear from him, and explain that Sisko and Quark were taken prisoner.

O’Brien directs them to come to a full stop and then beams aboard. Jake says they have to go back to save Sisko, and O’Brien says they’re going to do that.


Back on the planet, Quark is still working on the locking mechanism on Eris’ collar. He comments that the design is quite sophisticated, and the telepathic suppressors he’s seen before have been much bulkier. He and Eris argue for a bit and then he’s done and she’s free.

Quark and Sisko step back while Eris conjures up that glowy ball thing again. The containment field is immediately disabled.

more shiny!

A Jem’Hadar guard runs in, and Sisko tackles him, throwing him to the ground. He picks up his weapon and shoots the guy, then tosses a weapon to Quark. Another guard appears and prepares to attack Sisko, but Quark shoots him.

They run out of the cave.

Bashir is reading something on his scanners, and the Odyssey also reports that they’re reading three ships in attack formation. The first officer orders shields up and Red Alert.


The first officer is a young skinny guy, and his shirt looks too big for him. Maybe he just lost a lot of weight and hasn’t gotten a new uniform yet.

Dax tells Odo to take the helm while she handles targeting controls, since O’Brien left to help Jake and Nog.

Meanwhile, O’Brien reports to Keogh that the Rio Grande isn’t in great shape. Keogh says he should head back to the runabout. At Jake’s urging, O’Brien says he wants to try to get close to the planet and locate Sisko. Keogh consents, saying he has ten minutes.

The first officer on the Odyssey notes incoming ships. Keogh orders the runabouts to break formation and use attack pattern Delta. There’s a bunch of shooting and explosions. There’s a plasma leak and casualties on the Odyssey.

Keogh reports that they’re using some kind of fancy beam to get through the shields. Dax wants to alter the harmonics to compensate, but he says they’ve gone through the whole spectrum but none of the frequencies worked. He wants to divert shield power to weapons, give O’Brien five minutes, then retreat.

Dax and Kira decide to try to take some pressure off the Odyssey.

On the planet, Quark, Sisko, and Eris are running through the woods. Quark is tired and needs to stop, saying he needs to start using an exercise program.

Eris says he’s slowing them down and they should leave him to hide in the underbrush; they can transport him out once they get to the ship. Sisko refuses, saying they wouldn’t have gotten away from the Jem’Hadar without him. Quark is moved.

Before they can argue further, they are beamed out to the runabout. Jake takes Eris to the passenger compartment to wait.


Nog and Quark have a surprisingly touching reunion.


The rest of the Federation ships are fighting. Dax and Odo report their controls are dead and the sensors aren’t working. Kira tells them to back off.

O’Brien reports they have Sisko. Keogh congratulates him. The first officer reports that they’ve lost all power to phasers. Keogh calls Engineering, asking them to get the port nacelle back on line.

Keogh then tries to tell the runabouts to fall back now that they have Sisko, but his message is cut off – his communications array is down. Sisko agrees they should depart, an they all start to retreat.

Bashir notes that a Jem’Hadar ship is making a run for the Odyssey – he and Kira move to intercept. Unexpectedly, the ship crashes into the Odyssey, causing a massive explosion, destroying the ship, and leaving everyone else stunned.

I always share explosions anyway, but this one is impressive.

O’Brien says they were retreating – a suicide run was unnecessary. Sisko says they were showing them how far they were willing to go. He orders a course for the wormhole.

Back on DS9, everyone departs the runabouts, but Quark asks Sisko to stay back. He says they need to talk.

Eris comes to Ops, saying she’s surprised to be on the other side of the galaxy. The others all move in to look at her, but then Sisko comes forward, telling the everyone to move away from her as he points a weapon.

She claims innocence.

Quark says he was looking over the collar and hoping he could replicate it to turn a tidy profit. He was surprised to find there was nothing inside. It’s just a complex locking device. She could have used her telekinetic abilities at any time, so, Sisko asks – why didn’t she?

She says he knows the answer. Sisko says the Jem’Hadar wanted them to escape and bring her back so she could spy on the Federation. He asks if she’s one of the Founders. She says the Founders wouldn’t waste their time with them.

Sisko tells Odo to take her away, but Eris just says she has no idea what’s begun there, taps her arm, and transports away. O’Brien says he can’t trace the signature. She’s not on the station and there are no ships nearby. So where is she?


Kira says she’ll be back – but who will she bring with her? Sisko says if the Dominion comes through the wormhole, the first battle will be fought there, and he intends to be ready for them.


Stray Thoughts:

* This was an action-packed episode, wow.

* RIP Keogh and his first officer. He seemed like an okay guy.

* I hadn’t seen this episode before, but I knew that Eris’s species was in league with the Jem’Hadar, so I was somewhat but not entirely surprised by her betrayal. I suspect that if it was my first time watching the series, though, it’d be a bit more shocking.

* Seems like The Federation is going to get really destroyed in the coming battles. But also, while I know that the “only ship in the sector” is a common trope, they really couldn’t have waited for more than one starship and a couple of runabouts to go into hostile enemy territory? It wasn’t like Sisko was missing and they went searching for him and stumbled on the enemy, the enemy literally came about the station and announced that they had Sisko, so there. Seems like the battle might have gone differently if they had more ships.

* I really liked the parts with Jake and Nog. They reacted in the way that you might expect kids to react in that situation, with a mix of panic and “okay, I’ve seen the adults do this, what do I do?” without either of them being brilliant wonder kids at the task. We know neither Jake nor Nog are brilliant pilots, and we know that having them storm the Jem’Hadar cave where Quark and Sisko were being held would have been futile, so it was nice that the writers remembered they were kids and don’t have those skills, while at the same time giving them something to do and having them make a difference in the overall plot.

* Well, that’s the season finale! Next week will be a recap of the lovely fashions and exciting episodes of Season 2, and then we’ll move on to Season 3.