Book Review:’Professor Elemental’s Tales Of Wrong’ by Paul Alborough

Professor Elemental and his world of eccentricity has been mentioned on The Avocado before , he’s an MC, host, raconteur, orangutan enthusiast…. and now author.

Tales Of Wrong is a collection of nine short stories that range from horror to humour in a very British way. I know, given the news cycle these days that doesn’t sound like a recommendation, but Alborough takes his cue from the old school horror  of the 60s and 70s. A little Hammer-esque but with the contemporary setting more redolent of Amicus Productions, the studio often confused with Hammer that made such movies as The House That Dripped Blood .

Like that film or Vault Of HorrorTales Of Wrong is a portmanteau, linked here mainly by the sinister seaside town of Melgrave.  Melgrave is a quiet, slightly run down holiday town with an outwardly friendly face covering dark secrets within. Not as disturbing at first glance as say, Royston Vasey, but Alborough leads the reader into scenes that rival that location for grotesquerie.

Screenshot_20191023-125317_DriveThe illustrations by Kim Parkhurst  are a perfect fit for the comic gloom of the writing. All dark foreboding and hidden corners that need a second look to check for creatures of the night.  Or admittedly the creatures may be more upfront sometimes.


There’s good use made of those British peculiarities that are a hairs breadth from scary at the best of times. Punch and Judy, scarecrows, old Manor houses with secrets galore…..Overall, it’s an ideal accompaniment to a dark Spooktober evening and fills the unwelcome Halloween gap left by the absence of any Doctor Who this year.

It’s available at  or, if you’re near Brighton tonight, the author will be launching it  at the Brighton Horrorfest.