Weekly Who #14 is Scary TV

Halloween is next week. So to celebrate the next two columns will be all listy. This list is my top 5 picks for scariest Doctor Who TV stories. Next week will be the scariest Doctor Who audios from Big Finish and Beyond. So put on your scarf and wig, set out the bowl of jelly babies, and prepare for some scares.

  • 5. Night Terrors: This hidden gem of 11’s era doesn’t get talked about very much. The plot involves The Doctor, Amy, and Rory making a housecall because a little boy’s nightmares have turned out to be very very real. Horror Highlight: Those Peg dolls that can convert you into one of them!


  • 4. Robots Of Death: This 4th Doctor and Leela investigate a murder involving robots. This classic involves; robophobia, amazing costume work, a classic insult, and some killer POV camera work. Horror Highlight: Here’s one of those cool POV shots I mentioned.
  • 3. Blink: The 10th Doctor story that brought us the weeping angels? Need I say more about the creepiest statuary this side of Scary Lucy? Horror Highlight: Much like in Scream! even knowing the rules can be frightening.
  • 2. Silence In The Library/Forest Of The Dead: The Doctor takes Donna on a trip to the biggest library in the universe. Unfortunately, the books are infested with a sinister presence. Count your shadows everyone the Vashta Nerada could be about! Horror Highlight: Dave is ghosting us.
  • 1. The Tomb Of The Cybermen: The Second Doctor, Jamie, and Victoria land on Telos where a group of archeologists is trying to unearth the ancient Tomb Of The Cybermen. Chaos inevitably follows. Horror Highlight: It is where the header image comes from. The Cyber Controller themself. “You will be like us” is just chill-inducing

What do you all consider the scariest Episodes of Doctor Who? Anyone hide behind their sofas while watching Doctor Who? I do whenever Cybermen show up! Let me know in the comments.