The Weekend Politics Thread Stays Busy

There’s so much to talk about! Here are some starters.

Elections in Canada

Canada’s elections aren’t like in the US, with the next election cycle beginning the instant the previous one ends. No, the campaigns have been going on for a little over a month, and the election is MONDAY. YES MONDAY. Here’s some basic info for the perplexed.

A Canadian election looms – seven charts explain all

Brexit – still a thing

The quest by some British politicians to destroy their own country might actually be nearing its conclusion – or it might not. Nobody knows. The EU seems to have given up on the hope that the UK will right itself, and their current messaging is more or less, “Fine, do whatever you want.” The deadline for Brexit may or may not be October 31.

European Union’s Message to U.K.: Just Leave Already

Turkey invades Kurdish region of northern Syria

The President of the United States invited the Erdogan government of Turkey to invade Syria and carry out an ethnic cleansing campaign against our Kurdish allies. Well, former allies, apparently. Erdogan has obliged.

Kurds say Turkey is violating hours-old ‘ceasefire’ in northern Syria

Democratic primary stuff

Realistically, things seem to have narrowed down to Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders. Biden’s got to treat Trump’s illegal dirt-gathering as a reflection of Trump’s desperate fear of him (which it is), while dismissing the idea that his son Hunter Biden makes a pretty inviting target for dirt-gathering (which he is). The Democrats just had a debate, in which Warren looked pretty darn front-runnery. Sanders recently had a god damn heart attack, but it’s not clear whether it will seriously mess up his campaign; in fact, he just picked up some notable Congressional endorsements.

Trump meltdown has begun

But then again, maybe those will be my famous last words. Who knows how much lower and dumber he can go? Maybe we’ll look back on his pathetic, regret-fueled(?) flailing over Syria and amateurish attempts to justify his murderous decisions and say, “Wow, I never thought he would find a way to top that one, but here we are.” Let’s hope not. At the moment, former (and even current) administration flunkies are engaging in furious backstabbing and bus-under-throwing, and even Trump himself might have some metaphorical bus tires with his name of them. Impeachment pressure seems to have cooked poor chief of staff Mick Mulvaney’s brains, considering he just went out on TV and basically confessed to the administration’s massive corruption. Mulvaney, you dummy, that only works for Trump – and maybe, just maybe, even he can’t make it work forever.

Mick Mulvaney’s quid pro quo defense (Updated)

My opponents worship a goat-god in secret, in a big hidden bunker with John Podesta, where no real Americans can see. I worship the goat-god here, in front of you! I pour incense at his hooves! All hail the goat-god! Isn’t it nice to be free of lies?

My choice of headlines is partly a reflection of what gets covered in the American press, because that’s what I usually read. Point is, this is only a fraction of what’s actually happening in the world today. By all means, bring politics and policy and news and current events and tangentially-related silliness into these here comments from all corners of the world. Please avoid threatening Mayor McSquirrel or any other person while you do so. Let’s get to it!