Month of Horror 2019 Days 20/19 Resolution and The Endless Double Feature

Yes, those dates are right.

Resolution (2012)

Is friendship stronger than Lovecraftian forces?

What do we expect from stories? What do we expect from ourselves? Resolution is a gripping, trippy horror flick that struggles with answering both of these very heady questions.

For a genre I really like, there definitely resides in me a decent chunk of cynicism when I hear hype for a new horror movie. Sure it might be fun or slightly more clever than average (Cabin in the Woods being an example of this to me), but rarely does one immediately enter what I consider to be the top tier cannon upon first watch.

Starting with a very simple premise (an estranged friend who has had problems with substance abuse reaches out to his friend to help him get clean), the movie quickly works to shift your expectations once the friend arrives to help. Saying too much more would give away how weirdly the film unfolds, but there’s definitely some weird stuff going on in the small part of the world.

What do we do when we don’t know what to do?

Eventually through all their personal disagreements, the two main characters realize they are in over their heads. The visiting friend keeps on trying to put the pieces together, but the other just seems almost accepting of whatever fate has descened upon them. It’s creepy but interesting to watch them deal with the weird and unexplained in completely different manners. The ending is very reminiscent of Blair Witch Project and that’s all I’ll say other than it left me quite satisfied. Of course it helps there’s another film set in its universe I’m about to discuss.

The Endless (2018)

Is family stronger than Lovecraftian forces?

Once again we have a movie about a male relationship with a pretty straightforward setup that quickly goes sideways. Two brother who were raised in a psuedo-UFO worshipping cult (a cult where we met a few characters briefly from in Resolution) escaped when they were younger. Both have had baggage from the experience, but one seems more interested in returning to revisit the life they left and the other seems perfectly happy to leave it all in the past. The story starts with both of them traveling to the still functioning compound in the present day.

What makes this movie such an interesting step up from Resolution is how much further it’s willing to push the ideas brought up in that film. It helps that the cult the brothers left have specific beliefs tied to some of the paranormal events surrounding the area, but at the end of the day, these are just additional theories not confirmed plot points. Like Resolution, we also meet other characters from the surrounding area who seem to be partly aware of some of the weird happenings others have experienced.

While the two brothers come to face their weird upbringings in the cult and how it affected their lives, they also question what was real from what they remember and what was just ingrained to them as true with the cult and its experiences.

Both of these films are best not knowing too much going in and I have tried to refrain from getting too spoilery in this brief writeup. If looking for something different, give these films a watch!