Fright Night Part 2 Thread (10/18)

I love the 1985 vampire classic Fright Night and I have spotlighted here on the Open Threads (both at the AVCAD and here).

Tonight the 1988 sequel Fright Night Part 2 gets the spotlight.

Picking up years after the original, Charley is attending college and has a new girlfriend named Alex. He has been going to therapy where he comes to the realization that vampires don’t really exist!  After Charley and Alex have dinner at Peter Vincent’s apartment, they both run into new resident, Regine, a performance artist. Later that night, Regine comes to Charley’s dorm looking for his roommate. The two begin to make out passionately until Regine bites Charley on the neck. Charley wakes up in a cold sweat. Was it a dream or did it really happen? You’ll have to tune into the movie and find out.