Werewolf 105: Five Nights At Fitness Day Two

Sonny Eclipse investigated the back alley the previous night. It seemed counter-intuitive to rob a pizza themed gym, but one can never be too careful. After ensuring the dumpster was clear, he heard mechanical whirring behind him. Assuming it was another animatronic hired on, he turned to greet them. It was certainly an animatronic…


Sonny’s circuits were in shambles, but under his disguise laid another, smaller, animatronic.

“uh oh…

how unfortunate.






LINDSAY has died. She was DEE DEE (WILDCARD)

As Bonnie shambled his way back inside, he heard a music box nearby. ”

“Half a pound of tuppenny rice

Half a pound of treacle

That’s the way the money goes That’s the way the money goes That’s the way the money goes That’s the way the money goes That’s the way the money goes That’s the way the money goes,



While Bonnie lied in a heap of sparking, mangled wires, the puppet reached out it’s hand. It couldn’t save her. But, it could save this one.

As Bonnie’s circuits died out, it’s music box gave out one final gasp:

“You’re gonna fly away,

glad your goin’ my way,

I love it when we’re cruising together…”

OWEN has died. He was BONNIE (WOLF)

As it turns out, human beings are not meant to sleep during the day. For the fortunate ones, they had blackout shades or a night mask. For the more fortunate ones, they weren’t human to begin with.

The remaining FAZBEAR ENTERTAINMENT™ SECURITY GUARD’S showed up to work the next night. They were acknowledged by the assistant manager giving them a nod as they walked by. He then returned to pinching the bridge of his nose while another member ranted to him.

“…you see, that’s why they need to bring back the Ottoman Empire. The middle east was in much better shape when the Janissaries where taking charge! Now, everthing is blowing up a-”

The Assistant Manager had a cigarette tucked behind his ear. Some of you wondered if he knew it was there. As you entered the office, there was one new message left on the answering machine.



11 Players will have the honor and privilege of becoming an integral gear in the machine that is Freddy Fazbear’s Fitness™. Their goal is to help eliminate any potential threat to the franchise by collectively voting for the controlled shocking of one person per night.

If investigated, their role will be revealed as “TOWN”


The wolves consist of 3 Animatronics which carry the souls of vengeful children killed decades ago. Little is known about their identities or motives…or how they’ve managed to infiltrate Freddy Fazbear’s Fitness™. What is known, is they pose a threat to the honest employees and must be defeated for a town victory.

The wolves will share a QT, but each night a different wolf gets to determine who they kill. Their kill confirmation will be sent to me from their individual QT’s. In the event a wolf dies, the next wolf in line gets to choose their target. Each wolf get’s one kill per night with the exception of Foxy. The Wolves win if their numbers are equal to town’s.

If investigated, their role will be revealed as “WOLF”

Night 1: Bonnie-One Kill

Night 2: Chica-One Kill

Night 3: Foxy-SPRINT: Two Kills. If the Maintenance Official is killed, they revert to one kill.

Night 4: Freddy-One Kill


A mysterious guardian spirit inhabits this strange puppet. Their goal is to destroy the Animatronic vessels and release their spirits. And they will stop anyone trying to get in their way.

The Puppet is given one kill per night. If investigated, their role will be revealed as “???”

███████ █████: PURPLE GUY (JAILER)

The Purple Guy is a jailer with a special win condition. Due to mysterious and nefarious reasons, The Purple Guy wishes to personally destroy the Animatronics without any interference.

Purple Guy may jail one person per night to prevent them from being nightkilled. Jailed players will have any of their night actions blocked. Purple Guy may not jail the same person on consecutive nights, and they may also not jail themselves. If the Purple Guy is still alive during normal wolf win conditions, the wolves lose.

If investigated, their role will be revealed as “TOWN”


The Maintenance Official is sent to investigate rumors that another “’87 Incident” may be in the works. The identity of this official is to remain classified as to not startle employees or gym members.

Once per night the Maintenance Official may investigate one player. With the exception of SPRINT nights where they get two investigations. If Foxy is eliminated, the Investigator resumes their normal once per night investigations.

If investigated, their role will be revealed as “TOWN”


A secret role which may or may not be activated at the player’s discretion.

If investigated, their role will be revealed as “???”


1. Cop on the Edge-Ish

2. Captain Video

3. Hoho

4. Owen

5. Spooky

6. DW

7. emmelemm

8. Natethelesser

9.  Side_Character

10. April

11. Sic

12. Corporal Hicks

13. Lindsay

14. Goat

15. Louie

16. Mr.I’mMyOwnGrandfather

17. Flowerbirb

18. Sister Jude

19. Josephus Brown

20. Flubba


No quoting from QT’s.

A tie at twilight results in RNG kill.

No game talk after Twilight plz.

Please be respectful of your fellow players and their playstyles. Attack arguments, not people.

Please keep conversations out of the vote thread. I know this isn’t normally a rule but it will make my life much easier.

Thank you, and remember to smile; you are the face of Freddy Fazbear’s Fitness™.


Day One

Twilight will be Friday, October 18th at 8PM EST. Thank you, and remember to smile; you are the face of Freddy Fazbear’s Fitness™!