The Day Thread Has A Brief Instagram Flirtation With Kid Rock

October 14th 1986 was the birthday of Arizona dirtbag Eleanor Shellstrop.  Not a saint, she did do one or two bad deeds in her life.



And I’m just hearing she was actually born in 1982, she may have lied about her age enough that she forgot her own birthday.

Still, Pobody’s nerfect right? Notably she advocated for a Medium Place for “People who kinda sucked, but in a fun, chill way”  So…..The Avocado.

The 14th of October was also the day in 1972 when Doug Forcett came closest to guessing what happens after death.


Spoiler alert: It involves either frozen yoghurt or bees with teeth. Both of which may or may not appear in today’s Day Thread. Let’s find out.