The Monthly Theme Park Thread is Getting Spooky

October (or rather, the fall) is one of my favorite times to visit theme parks.

During September at Disneyland (my favorite park) crowds are relatively low — at least compared to the summer and Christmas rushes it’s situated between — but you still get to enjoy the Halloween vibe which absolutely permeates the entire location. (Except, ironically, for the Haunted Mansion, which at that point is… *sigh* Christmas-themed.)

Space Mountain gets haunted, though!

And of course, Universal Studios goes all-in on their famous Halloween Horror Nights! This year the lineup includes haunted houses and scare zones based on Stranger Things, Ghostbusters, Us, and the classic Universal Monsters! That last one might even be enough to entice me!

It’s not, but… it might be.

One reason why Halloween at theme parks might be so beloved is that, in areas like California and Florida, you don’t often get the chance to see fall foliage. As one of my NY-turned-SoCal friends once put it during a Disneyland trip — it actually feels like fall for once.


There’s probably a lot going on that I’m forgetting about (Disney continuing to slash its live entertainment budget, for instance, or their new dispute with the puppeteers union, of all things). But one big-ish bit of news that just dropped today is our first trailer for the new Jungle Cruise movie!

I sure can’t wait for the ride to get a new, action-packed storyline with a Dwayne Johnson animatronic shoehorned in at the end.

Feel free to use this space to discuss all things theme- or amusement park!

Optional Discussion Question(s): What’s your favorite Halloween (or seasonal) overlay at a theme park? Any plans to visit HHN or other haunted houses?