Star Wars Chit-Chat

Star Wars stuff is ramping up again, as we’ve had what counts for a hiatus in these crazy times since the Solo movie “only” made 200+ million dollars at the domestic box office.  Rise of Skywalker is coming out in December, and I’m pretty jazzed for that…but the more interesting news is that Star Wars is going to go prestige serial TV or whatever with the Disney streaming service exclusive series The Mandalorian.  It is now less than a month until we get to see what this show will look like, and boy oh boy am I excited.

The Star Wars merchandising machine lumbered back to life on October 4th as all new Star Wars toys were released to dovetail with both the new TV show and the last of this Disney trilogy.  The weird thing?  No mainline 3.75″ actions figures are slated for release, only the Black Series, the Vintage Collection (which mixes all parts of the saga into one line with retro style packaging), and this funky Galaxy of Adventures figure series that is done in a larger scale and animated style.  I understand why the 3.75″ main line died, because the figures were not selling, and many wound up at dollar stores and discount retailers within a year of their release…but I collected them, dammit!

The future is still uncertain as to what the next big Star Wars thing will be…Rian Johnson’s trilogy?  Those bros from Game of Thrones and their trilogy?  Will Ron Howard direct another prequel?  Who will be hired and then fired?  Only time will tell, but I can say this: with all the ups and downs of the Disney Star Wars films, I’ve liked all the movies they’ve made and even loved some of them, and thus far will continue to subsidize their evil overlordship.

Vent and release about your favourite galaxy far far away, and remember to keep it nice and civil.