Riverdale S4E1 “Chapter Fifty-Eight: In Memoriam” Live Thread




We’re back.

Last season a lot of stuff happened. A cult took over the town so that the leader could harvest organs(never did find out what was with the floating baby), Betty’s mom turns out was working with the feds to investigate them and she’s currently missing(!!!) as is Polly, Hal came back as the black hood(he’s dead now) and it turns out Dave Franco Chic was the Gargoyle King! Apparently it was Penelope who convinced Hal to keep killing to get revenge on the entire town for her crappy childhood. They beat the baddies, Penelope bounces and Chic’s in jail. Hiram manages to plant evidence and get Hermione arrested for conspiring to kill him and he’s probably gunning for Veronica next. Oh and FBI agent who tells Betty about her mom just so happens to be Charles, her actual half-brother. He’s also Jughead’s half-brother so…gross? Josie left to go to New York Spinoff so the Pussycats are done I guess. Oh and uh Archie became a boxer and now owns a boxing club or something I guess.

Then right after everything seemed all hunky Dory, BOOM flash forward and it looks like the core four are covering up another murder. Will they ever just take the SATs?

Tonight’s episode is the first to acknowledge the death of Luke Perry and as a result Fred Andrews. RIP.