The Legend of Zeke the Plumber Day Thread (10/8)

Season 1 Episode 2 of Salute Your Shorts (original airdate July 13, 1991)  featured the legend of Zeke The Plumber, the spotlight of today’s Day Thread.

Zeke’s nose was bitten off by a parrot in the Philippines. Some time later, ol’ Zeke was digging a hole and inadvertently hit a gas pipe. Unable to smell the leaking gas, Zeke lit a match and BOOM! No more Zeke. The only trace of the man was his plunger, which is now cursed. Those that touch the plunger are soon visited by the ghost of Zeke.

Nothing like ghost stories over the camp fire to getting your blood pumping- Thanks To Bobby Budnick for sharing the story with the rest of the campers at Camp Anawana!

(Credit to the header art- LeftsideUmbra on Deviant Art)