Comic Book Review – Vampire State Building #1

When I go to the comic book store, I usually have a good idea what I’m buying that week. Sometimes I’ll randomly grab a new comic just to give it a try. I was looking for the Bettie Page Halloween Special to read and review, but they didn’t order any copies. The title that drew my eye next proudly touted the artist of The Walking Dead and the title sounded intriguing. I decided to pick up Vampire State Building #1.

Vampire State Building from Ablaze Comics is brought to you by Ange and Patrick Renault and Charlie Adlard.

The Green Foundation is renovating the Empire State Building. A strange room with an iron door is found on the 75th floor. After the door opens, construction workers find weird tribal writing in the room and an arm falls through the ceiling tile. The homeless population are then mysteriously drawn to the building.

Elsewhere, Terry and his friends are on the observation deck, gathered together for Terry’s going away party. Terry is being deployed to Afghanistan and the group want to send him off with one final blowout.

As the homeless attack en masse and start killing and feeding on the blood of the visitors and employees located in the building, Terry and his friends must find a way out of the building and survive by any means necessary.

This comic book has the potential to fill the void left the by demise of The Walking Dead. The Empire State Building is 381 meters and 102 stories. Each floor can be spotlighted in a different issue to show the survivors trying to bring the fight against the vampires. The first issue gave us a preview of the drama surrounding Terry and his friends and it will be interesting to see if Terry and his ex-girlfriend Mary can find their friends inside the building, as the two become separated from the group.

Halloween is right around the corner and if you are looking for a comic to celebrate the season, Vampire State Building is recommended.

Next Issue – The vampire god U’tlun’ta has awoken from his long slumber and turned the Empire State Building and its trapped victims within into a massive feeding ground… each body consumed slowly bringing back his full power. With the rescue S.W.A.T. team decimated upon contact with the vampire horde, and Terry and his friends trapped 80 floors up, is there any hope for escape? In Stores October 23, 2019.