Scott OT #200: The Night Thread of That Guy Who Died After Watching Avatar (10/6)

In January 2010, the world was shocked to learn that a man died after watching the hit movie Avatar (it’s sometimes reported that he died while watching the movie but that’s inaccurate). He suffered a stroke while watching the movie and died 11 days later due to it. Over-excitement from watching the movie triggered his high blood pressure issues which caused the stroke. Yes, he died from enjoying a movie too much.

I’ve long been fascinated by this story for reasons I could never put my finger on. It was only after learning of a similar incident involving the British show The Goodies that I realized why. The episode Kung Fu Kapers made a man by the name of Alex Mitchell laugh so hard and for so long, he literally died laughing. Mitchell’s widow sent the creators of The Goodies a letter, thanking them for making her husband’s last minutes happy. And that’s when it hit me: this is how I want to die.

There’s so many horribly violent ways to die, from mass shootings, to horrible diseases, to terrorist attacks. Dying because you’re enjoying something too much sounds much better.

Hope you all have fun posting here tonight and have a great night (and, for the love of god, cut back on the “LOL, he died because Avatar was so bad!!” jokes).