Critters 2 Day Thread (10/6)

The first sequel in the Critters franchise was released in 1988 and its entitled Critters 2 : The Main Course .

At the end of Critters, it was revealed in the final shot that the Crites laid eggs in the barn of a nearby farm.

The sequel picks up with the farmer selling these eggs to a sweet old lady so she can paint them for the town’s annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Brad Brown, the hero of the first film, visits the sweet old lady who turns out to be his grandmother.

Can Brad and the alien bounty hunters Ug and Lee stop the Crites from destroying Grover’s Bend?

Here is a trailer for the horror comedy sequel ( I didn’t want to post it outright for blood and gore).

My friend recently started making his own Crite figurines– you can follow one of them at @krite_adventures on Instagram as it travels the globe.