The Weekend Politics Thread Has The Votes For Impeachment

Where do we even start? OK, so the President has committed a ton a crimes.

Holding Ukraine hostage: How the president and his allies, chasing 2020 ammunition, fanned a political storm

Everyone knows this by now, and Trump has two paths he can take. One is to try and minimize the damage, lay low for a while, let calmer voices take the center stage… yeah let’s just stop with this. The only path he’s capable of taking is the one with the big sign that says MOAR CRIMES THIS WAY. He’s even cutting out the middleman, and just doing the treason on live TV.

Congressional Republicans mostly silent on Trump’s call for China to investigate Biden

And somehow he’s gotten Nickelback involved. Nickelback! I don’t even know what to say about that, so here’s a link with an explanation, and a video from one of Nickelback’s contemporaries that I actually like.

The Nickelback joke Trump doesn’t get

So the drive for impeachment by the Democratic-controlled House continues, with subpoenas being issued and promptly ignored by the White House, because there’s no method of enforcement. That’s bad. Sorry, no back and forth on that, it’s potassium benzoate all the way down… unless there is some way to make Republicans start fearing the consequences of turning a blind eye to treason. Here’s one idea:

Ernst confronted by Iowan constituent for not ‘standing up’ to Trump

Meanwhile… uh, jeez, a lot. In the Democratic primary, Elizabeth Warren continues to climb, Joe Biden continues to slip, and Bernie Sanders has had a health scare that may or may not derail his campaign.

In the UK, Boris Johnson continues to pitch unfeasible Brexit plans to the EU, possibly realizing that his bad-faith offers work as a stalling tactic. Johnson gets to avoid trouble over his personal corruption (because no one else wants to be PM during this shitstorm) and the ultimate goal of a hard Brexit moves closer to reality. Win?

[Listens to earpiece] I have been advised that there are other countries in the world besides those two. Furthermore, those countries also have important things happening in them, under-reported by the English-language media and under-known about by me. A brief mention of two big things to know about: Protests against Beijing continue in Hong Kong, and protests against the government in Iraq have turned violent.

Iraq protests: Death toll soars after four days of protests

So please talk about all these public happenings and more in the comments below. No threats against Mayor McSquirrel or anyone else please, because duh. Have a good weekend!