The Night Thread is going to Sears (10/5)

Rather than play things seriously (like, say, The Brady Bunch TV movies of the 1980’s), the Brady Bunch Movie turned the entire concept into a fish-out-of-Water scenario. What if a wholesome 70’s TV family lived in the cynical real world 90’s? The weekend potato sack races start to look odd. Greg’s attempts at 70’s lite ballads look anemic in the face of grunge. Jan’s jealousy at her older sister starts to look psychotic. And Marcia… well, it turns out she’s still pretty much the coolest chick in school. Everything goes her way.

Marcia, Marcia, MARCIA!

It’s also a movie where RuPaul tells Jan, “Gurl, you betta work!”

Cross the Bradys at your peril, though, for their universe smiles on them. Try to scheme so that their house gets torn down to become a strip mall, and you will likely get electrocuted or run over at the Sears by crazy Tori Spelling fans.

One of the most fun elements rewatching the movie is that, oddly, it also seems to be lampooning the 90’s now. The disaffected attitude is more obviously a facade to fit in. They sneer at Marcia for being a retro-wannabe. In reality, she’s the most authentic one. The Bradys have the attitude that the cool kids crave: that of genuine outsiders who really don’t care what other people think of them.

It truly is a sunshine day!