Month of Horror 2019 Day 5 Saturday Midnight Feature: Hausu

Going to try and get these up for each Saturday of the month as part of a theme of specifically gonzo, weird/fun/different horror entries I consider more to be “midnight movies”.

Let’s Get Right to the Point

Watch this movie.

I could type about it’s basic “And Then There Were None” setup of young school girls visiting a friend’s aunt in the country meets Evil Dead and that would about sum it up but nothing compares to the thrill of watching ghost cats, possessed aunts and supernatural watermelon transformations play out in real time.

Wait What?

Is what I just typed in this movie? You bet your sweet bippy! To reiterate, watch this movie. It’s such a singular oddity that I can’t even approach this from an academic or standard “horror nerd” standpoint. Japanese horror at this point had some range to it, even comedy wasn’t rare; but this surreal mix of ghosts, girls and gore with a day-baked daydream logic is something that defies easy categorization.

Watch and Decide for Yourself

Here’s a crazy trailer, Criterion has a great version of this released. Also feel free to discuss other gonzo horror entries below. What are some of your favorites? Mine include Evil Dead 2, Dead Alive, and Gozu.