Tom Atkins’ Day Thread (10/4)

Today’s Day Thread is dedicated to American actor Tom Atkins.

Born November 13, 1935 in Pittsburgh, PA- Mr. Atkins is well known for his role in horror movies and thrillers.

His filmography includes such notable classics as : Creepshow, Lethal Weapon, The Fog, Escape From New York, Night of the Creeps and Halloween 3 : Season of the Witch. 

Mr. Atkins has also played Art Rooney in The Chief and Ebenezer Scrooge in A Musical Christmas Carol, which were performed in the Pittsburgh area.

I saw him in person during the Hollywood Theater’s 90th Anniversary celebration when they screened Escape From New York. I was wearing a I <3 Snake Plissken t-shirt and a friend of his pointed it out to him. I smiled and kindly waved to him.

He will be doing a meet and greet when they screen Halloween 3 : Season of the Witch at the Rangos Cinema at the Carnegie Science Center tonight.

Today we salute Mr. Atkins and his place in the horror genre as the road to Halloween continues.

Have a Frightful Friday