Pokemon: Werewolf: Day 1

Indigo Plateau is much closer than you thought! You’ve made it in plenty of time to settle in and read the very lengthy welcome packet provided to you! Who even wrote this thing!?!?!

There are the usual welcomes and rules- there can be up to 20 battles a day, and the winner gets a new pokemon!- but there are also weird warnings about having a bathroom buddy and not wandering too far. Policewomen are everywhere, and when you try to catch a glimpse of what they’re investigating you see a figure on the ground, a Porygon crying softly beside it.

INDY is dead. He was A NERD.

 You’re almost so scared you want to drop out, but suddenly through the crowd you see a familiar red hat. Is that… is that Ash Ketchum!?!?! He’s back with Misty and Brock and promising to help town find and defeat Team Rocket. You breathe a sigh of relief. Surely with Team Red here you’ll be safe.

“Oh, look who’s here,” James says, looking at the crowd through giant binoculars. “It’s that Pokemon trainer who’s worn the same thing for twenty years.”

“So have you!” Jessie protests, trying to take the binoculars from him and dropping them down the side of the mountain. “Oh, whatever, we knew they’d be here anyway.”

“We did?” James asks.

“Of course!” Jessie says. “We’ll wait for Meowth, and then we’ll decide which little twerp here needs to get out of our way.”

“There’s too many people, I can’t see Team Rocket,” Misty stands on her tiptoes looking over the crowd. Brock laughs.

“If they were here, we’d see them. I’ll go ask that nurse over there if she’s seen anything.” Brock hurries over towards the medical area, but stops to wink at a policewoman.

Ash laughs and waves at his friends, so many young trainers he’s never gotten to fight before. It’s been a while since he’s had to defend his championship title, and it feels good. It’s time to stop Team Rocket once and for all, and he’s ready. 

From a distance, Professor Oak stirs the pan of beans around his campfire. He has all day to settle in and find the worst trainers. By the end of the tournament, he’s determined to make sure nobody ever takes advantage of a Pokemon again. 

Meowth gets off the SS Anne and realizes he has to make it to the Indigo Plateau by night, or Jessie and James are going to be making decisions without him. “Oh no,” he groans, trying to flag down a passing Persian for a lift. It takes a few rounds of Pay Day for the Persian to agree to give him a ride to Viridian City. 

TWILIGHT IS AT 8 PM CST SUNDAY NIGHT. It will take 17 trainers to string-up a trainer before 8. Should there be a tie, both trainers die.


Rules- the identity of your starter will remain a secret. Simply challenge the player of your choosing to battle and have it accepted, then tag me. Two of the same pokemon will lead to an rng to decide the winner. For now, battles are safe and friendly; losing will not knock you out of the tournament.



There are 24 vanilla trainers TODAY. Most town special powers will be revealed after they have been activated, but if you feel in danger Brock can jail one player each night, so direct your pleas for safety to him. Tournament placement will be determined in order of nightkills received. Professor Oak and Team Rocket will each get a night kill every night. Team Rocket also has a one-shot Recruitment


To help you on your way, each player has added a Pikachu to their dex.

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 6.37.11 PM


Beauty Persephone
Captain Oblivious
Captain Video
Emm is a Monster
Forget It Jaketle
I Went to Cornell
Nate the Great
Nick Miller
Raven and Rose