Job Rants Thread – 10/4/2019 – Open Table


Hey, all; Happy Friday –


Not much to say this week. (less than usual, anyway) Drained physically, emotionally…Financially; y’know, the usual suspects.  Finally got the new computer I was asking for…Only to have the database program we use, the literal lifeblood of our organization, not installed. But hey, at least all that time I had to spend on the phone with IT meant that I had to see fewer applicants, so…Whee?

Well, anyway, don’t let me bring you down; you have one-another to do that. I hope everyone is doing at least relatively well; those that are hunting, may your searches bear fruit, and for and those still snug in their employment, I hope you’re keeping your heads above water.

As ever, have a productive rest of the day, safe trip home, and a great weekend. And remember: never let them give you a new toy until you’re sure it actually works.