To Boldy Sew: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S02E24: “The Collaborator ”

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At a Bajoran temple, Vedek Bareil walks through a round doorway and then down a hall, looking lost. He then comes across a body, hanging from the ceiling.

He’s on DS9 now. He sees Kira hitting a ball with a paddle, maybe against a wall.


The last time Kira and Bareil hung out (that we know of) was in episode 16 of this season, Shadowplay, and I’m guessing Kira is wearing the same outfit she wore at that time, when she described the game they played as “springball.” We don’t get as good a look at the color here, but it looks like knee-length shorts and t-shirt, along some boots or sneakers, and the same headband thing she wore in that episode.

Bareil calls out to her, and she asks if he wants to play. He looks back at the hanging man and then says “Help me. Please.”

She sighs, stops playing, says “all right,” and runs up the stairs to cut the rope holding the hanging man up. The man falls to the ground. She asks who he is. The dead man rolls over.


Dead guy is a Bajoran man, dressed in typical monk/Vedek robes. I’m not clear on the Official Clothing of the Bajoran religious officials and whether this is the sort of stuff only Vedeks can wear.

Bareil says it’s Prylar Bek. Disbelieving, Kira says it’s not. She then says it’s you.

White light flares and we see that the whole thing was a vision. Bareil was looking at the orb in the temple. He closes the doors to the box.


On DS9, Bareil is standing shirtless by a window.


Bareil is in pretty good shape. I wonder if Bajoran monks and Vedeks have to do physical labor because even if they’re vegetarians or otherwise healthy eaters, he’s got some muscles there. Is this part of the lifestyle, or his he just into exercise?

Kira is with him. She says good morning and hugs him from behind. He says he thought she was going to sleep in. She says he’s supposed to be relaxing. He says he’s very relaxed.

He asks how she’s feeling. Miserable; she wants him to stay longer. He says he’ll stay a few more days. She says he can’t do that. Why not? Because in two days he’ll be elected kai! He pretends to forget, and then says there’s no guarantee he’ll win. She says of course he’ll win, the people need him.

They kiss and do some other stuff and he asks if she’ll vote for him. She laughs and walks away from him, asking if that’s why he spent the last three days with her. To get the vote. She lounges on a couch.

Our Kira shows you don’t have to wear a black one piece to be sexy!

I guess this is a nightgown, since they apparently just got up from sleeping. This screenshot doesn’t show it, but at least one of her shoulders is open and obviously it’s pretty short.

Bareil says that he knows she doesn’t agree with many of his views so thought a personal appearance might sway the opinion. She says she was going to vote for Vedek Tolena, which surprises him. He goes to the couch and leans over her and she says she might be persuaded to change her mind. He kisses her and says her vote is the only one that matters to him.

She says she may not always agree with his interpretations of the prophecies but she thinks he’ll make a great kai and everyone knows that he was Kai Opaka’s personal choice to succeed her.

He says he could never replace Opaka and Bajor wouldn’t have survived the Occupation without her. Kira says once he becomes kai they won’t have these times together. He says no matter how busy he becomes he’ll always have time for her. He says he won’t lose her.

On the promenade, Bareil comes across Vedek Winn, who is telling some children that if they honor the prophets, they will always love them.


She’s wearing her usual outfit, which I love, and the hat that reminds me of a nun’s habit crossed with the Sydney Opera House. There’s also an older Bajoran monk/assistant guy (he kind of follows her around the whole episode but doesn’t have any lines, so I’m guessing he’s kind of a servant) in glorious purple robes held together with some metal circles.

And the kids, oh yay. We haven’t seen any children in a while. There’s a girl dressed in green on green with what looks like braids. There’s a boy in red with a hood draped down his back. There’s one kid we see from the back and another kid we can’t see clearly. And a girl in layers of blue with a purplish belt around her waist and some sort of purple ribbon in her hair that seems to serve no purpose and I can’t even describe accurately.

Bareil says that the Prophet’s love is unconditional. She thanks him for reminding us how the sacred text can be so easily misinterpreted. He says nothing pleases him more than giving her an opposing viewpoint.



Bareil has gotten dressed and is wearing his usual boring robe in orange with a bit of brown trim, tied in front.

Winn says he wasn’t expecting him but maybe shouldn’t be surprised. He says that she seems focused on him the last week, and she says everyone is focused on him, since he seems destined to become kai. Kira asks if that was a concession speech, but sadly Winn says the choosing is still two days away and the Prophets may surprise us all. She says she hopes he doesn’t start celebrating too early.

Kira asks why Winn is on the station. She says if she thought the Prophets wanted her to know that she would have told her in advance. Kira says she’ll inform Odo to increase security now that she knows Winn is there. Winn says that’s not necessary. Kira says it’s not her safety that concerns her.

Winn asks what she means. Bareil says that he’s sure Kira didn’t mean any disrespect. No, Kira agrees, she just wants to avoid the violence that happened during her last visit. Winn says that she prays Kira will be cured of the misconception that she was somehow responsible for the attempt on Bareil’s life. Kira says that prayer will never be answered. Winn says this is a pity for both of them.


A young Bajoran man bumps into an old Bajoran man on the Promenade.


The old man is wearing layers of sweaters which, as we learned a few episodes ago, is what old Cardassian men wear, so I guess the Bajoran old men do the same. Brownish-gray t-shirt, then brownish sweater over that, then kind of lacy lighter brown cardigan style sweater over that. The lacy-style open-crochet sweater seems to be very popular as a Bajoran style that we’ve seen before.

A few steps on, the young man pauses and goes back to the old man. He asks if he knows him. No. No, I’ve seen him before. He’s Kubus, Kubus Oak. He worked for the Cardassians.


The younger guy, who is probably more accurately referred to as middle-aged, is also wearing layers of sweaters, a sign that he’s getting older. Brown shirt, dark brown sweater that might be a vest? And then cardigan over that. As with the old man, his cardigan over-sweater thing is a little more decorative than the other sweaters.

Kubus pulls his arm away and orders the younger man out of his way. Passers-by are starting to look on at the situation. The young man tries to stop Kubus, saying he’s not going anywhere. He knows what he did, he says loudly, he’s a traitor. Shouting, he identifies the man and his actions, drawing a crowd.

Odo overhears the activity and comes over to investigate.


Proving my point about Bajoran sweaters, the three onlookers we can see in this shot are all wearing lacy type sweaters, red on the right, green on the left, and purple in the back behind Odo.

Odo asks what’s going on and the younger man says to see for himself. Odo looks at the old man and recognizes him, saying last he heard, Kubus was living on Cardassia. Kubus says he decided it was time to come home. Odo welcomes him and then arrests him.

They walk to the security office, everyone staring at them, including Vedek Winn.

The Vedeks have gathered. One person walks from a room and into the center of the circle. Vedek Winn says that the Prophets have spoken. All blessings on the new Kai.

Bareil is the new Kai. He seems pleased.


He’s also wearing fancier clothing! Visions have weird lighting, apparently, so we can’t see it clearly, but there’s some paisley decoration on his top, and some folded neck cloth, like an ascot. And a hat! Maybe if Normal Bareil wore a hat all the time, he’d be less boring.

Suddenly, the light gets brighter. Bareil throws up a hand to shield his eyes and sees Kai Opaka coming into the room. She comes up to him and tells him to be at peace, and that he must be strong, now more than ever.

He asks why she left them. She says that all is as the prophets will it to be, as he will learn. Then she tells him to follow her. Winn speaks in his ear and tells him to be careful – the path she walks is a narrow one. See that he doesn’t stumble.

Opaka says to heed her words. He says he doesn’t deserve to walk in Opaka’s path. She says he must, as it is his destiny.

Another man comes out of the shadows. Bareil recognizes him as Prylar Bek. Bek comes up and says to accept the gift from the prophets, and hands Bareil and object. It’s a box, and inside is a snake. Opaka says he must not refuse the offering and to take it, as the venom will make him stronger.

Bareil reaches in to take the snake but his hand removes a noose.

The vision ends and he is back in the temple with the orb. He closes the box.


Kubus Oak is lounging in his cell. Odo comes in to talk to him. He says there was a mob gathering and he had to call in extra security to disperse it. Kubus says he never doubted Odo’s ability to handle the situation as he was always good at his job.

Odo says that he could say the same for Kubus, special liaison between the Cardassian Occupation forces and their pawns in the Bajoran government. Kubus said he served the only recognized Bajoran government during the Occupation. Odo points out it was recognized by the Cardassians.

Kubus says the situation on Bajor would have been worse then it was if it wasn’t for the Bajoran government. Odo says maybe, but how could he know that since he spent almost all his time on the station. He remembers Dukat telling him he was his favorite Bajoran. Kubus says he could never stand that arrogant tyrant.

Odo says he hid his feelings well. Kubus says it kept him alive. Bajor is his home, and he shouldn’t have left it.

Kira comes in and says he did, and he’ll have to live with that decision. Odo introduces her and says she’s the highest-ranking Bajoran on the station. Kubus says he’s the one he should talk to. Kira says to make it brief as she doesn’t enjoy talking to collaborators.

He says he isn’t asking her to like him, he’s just asking that he be allowed to go home. She says it’s denied. He questions if she has the authority to make the decision. She says the decision has already been made. She cites a proclamation that says that every Bajoran who was a member of the Cardassian Occupation was sentenced to exile. His name was number four on the list. She personally thinks all they got off too easy.

She turns to leave, but he calls her back and says he’s an old man without many years left, what’s the harm in letting him live them out on Bajor? Kira says that when the Cardassians needed a new group of Bajorans to work in the mines, who approved the work orders? The Bajoran government. Whose signature was on the forms? He admits his own.

She says he had to know that the authorizations were death sentences. Did he refuse to sign them? No. She says that’s why he can’t be allowed to set foot on Bajor – because it would dishonor the memory of every person he sentenced to death.

He has no defense to that. She walks out.

collaborator_11Kubus sits alone in his cell, in his tan sweater and tan pants.


Vedek Winn goes to see Sisko. He asks what he can do. She says there are some on Bajor who think her relationship with him is not all it could be.

Sisko deadpans a “Really?”

She says she finds the perception, however inaccurate, most distressing. Sisko says they need to ask whether the perception is inaccurate. She is shocked to believe that they are…how shall she say it? He replies, “Enemies” with a wide grin. She says “at odds.”

He wonders how he could have come to that conclusion. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the last time she was there she claimed he was a danger to Bajor, there to destroy her people. Winn says that what she was really saying and has always maintained, is that he, as Emissary, was sent by the Prophets to challenge their long-held beliefs.

Sisko asks if he is correct in assuming she no longer consider the Federation an enemy to Bajor? She says she admits she had some concerns about Bajor’s application for Federation membership, but now she sees that the Federation’s presence is essential for long term security and grown. He asks if she supports the notion of Bajor joining the Federation. She says if it’s the will of the Prophets, she’d never oppose it. He grins and says he’d be grateful if she’d say that to the Bajoran people.

Winn says nothing would make her happier than to please him, and suggests they address the Vedek assembly together to celebrate the new friendship. He agrees this is a good idea, maybe next week. She says why wait? He says that if they appear together before the choosing it might be misconstrued as an endorsement. She disagrees and says that it’s common knowledge he supports Bareil, though she’s been surprised he hasn’t made any public statement to that effect.

He says that the election of the kai is an internal Bajoran matter, and as a Federation officer, he would never interfere. She compliments him on the enlightened philosophy and agrees to meet the following week, then leaves.

Kira is reading and drinking from a mug when Odo calls to let her know that Secretary Kubus is about to leave for Bajor. She asks how this can be. Odo says that Winn granted him sanctuary. She says she’ll be right there.


I’m not sure where she is at this point – in her quarters? On lunch break or working from home?

Kira calls Ops, and Dax answers. She asks if Winn has left the station. No, she was about to clear them. Kira says to keep the docking clamps locked on, she doesn’t want the ship going anywhere.

Kira goes to Odo asks for details. He says that Kubus asked to meet privately with Winn. They talked for ten minutes and then Winn asked to use the computer, which she used to access information from a library system. Then she called the provisional government and announced that she was granting sanctuary to Kubus.

Kira asks if he knows what she looked up. He’s trying to find out. He locates a photo, and Kira comes around to look at it and recognizes it as Prylar Bek.


It’s a small photo, so you’d be forgiven for not recognizing him as the guy in Bareil’s visions. But that’s him.

She wonders why Winn would be interested in another collaborator. Odo isn’t sure, but says that Bek and Kubus knew each other – Bek was liaison between the Cardassians and the Vedek Assembly at the same time Kubus was Secretary, and they spent a lot of time together.

Kira says to see if Winn looked at anything about the Kendra Valley massacre. Yes. Is it possible Kubus told her something new about the massacre? Kira wonders what else there is to know? Opaka’s son and 42 other Bajoran freedom fighters were ambushed and killed because Bek gave the Cardassians the location of their encampment. He made a full confession in his suicide note.

Before they can speak further, Winn comes in. She asks if she can speak to Kira, who agrees at once.

They head out into the Promenade, leaving an intrigued Odo behind.

Winn says she learned Kira was the one who stopped her ship from leaving. Kira says that’s true. She’s also surprised that Winn was helping a collaborator like Kubus – unless he has something Winn needs?

Winn says her needs are no concern of Kira’s and she suggests her ship be allowed to depart. She starts to walk away. Kira says that she’s free to leave whenever she’d like. Unfortunately in light of public feelings about Kubus, she can’t allow any ship with him on board to leave the station until it’s undergone a thorough security check to prevent sabotage. Including a scan for nanotechnology.

How long would that take? Days. Maybe weeks.

Kira now starts to walk away. Winn says “very well,” and then that it seems the Prophets have decided she will have a part in this after all.

She then says that in exchange for sanctuary, Kubus has agreed to give the name of the man responsible for the massacre at Kendra Valley. Kira is confused, saying Prylar Bek was the man responsible, everyone knows that. Winn says that Bek was a pawn, an intermediary. He killed himself to prevent discovery of the real traitor – his superior, who ordered him to reveal the location of the rebel base to the Cardassians – Vedek Bareil.

Kira is shocked. She asks if Winn thinks she’ll let her get away with this? She says no one will believe Kubus. Winn says she never said she believed him, she’s just trying to protect the spiritual life of Bajor. Kira says she’s just trying to grab power.

Winn asks if she wants to risk the consequences of having a collaborator as the next kai? Kira says he’s not a collaborator. Winn says that has yet to be determined. But if he’s chosen and turns out to be guilty, the ramifications for Bajor would be catastrophic. It would shatter faith in the authority of the kai, and without a strong kai, Bajor can’t survive.

Kira says she can’t condemn Bareil without proof. Winn says she wasn’t going to – she was going to conduct a quiet investigation when she got back to Bajor, but didn’t know whom to trust with a delicate assignment until now. She wants Kira to investigate. All she cares about is the truth and she thinks the Prophets have chosen her to help find it.

Kira agrees to find out the truth, but she wants Winn to keep Kubus’s accusations from becoming public while she has a chance to prove Bareil’s innocence. Winn agrees. Kira agrees to share whatever she finds out, even if Bareil is guilty.

Winn is pleased. She also chides Kira for speaking with such disrespect before walking away. Kira doesn’t reply, so I’m not sure if she’s actually chided or if she’s fuming mad.



Kira speaks to Kubus in what I assume is the cargo hold of Winn’s ship.


He’s sitting by some random boxes, in front of a wall with red lights pointing into an arrow that points at the floor.

He says that Bek wasn’t a collaborator, just a messenger between the Cardassians and the Vedek Assembly. In the weeks prior to the massacre he could see something was bothering Bek. He was tense and nervous and in constant communication with the Assembly.

Kira asks if he knew who. No, but the day after the incident, Bareil came to visit him at the station. Did he see them together? He saw Bareil enter Bek’s quarters, which were in the same section as Kubus’s. Bareil was in there for a few hours and at times, Kubus could hear shouting through the bulkhead.

Winn asks if he heard what they were saying? No, but he saw Bareil when he left the station and he was upset. In the morning, Bek hanged himself.

Kira is unimpressed at the amount of evidence. Kubus says that Bek and Bareil were obviously working together, and when Bek realized the enormity of what he’d done, he must have wanted to confess, but Bareil wouldn’t allow it, so he took the only way out he could think of. Kira says the story is fascinating but pure conjecture.

She says there have to be a dozen explanations for why Bareil went to see Bek. Winn says it’s up to her to find out which explanation is true.


Kira talks to Bareil on a video screen. He asks what she’s asking him.


Maybe she’s off duty and relaxing, or maybe she’s just trying to entice Bareil. Either way, Kira has removed her jacket and is just wearing the top with the cutouts that’s apparently part of the standard Bajoran uniform.

She sighs and says she’s asking whether he went to see Bek that day. He said yes, but that hardly makes him a collaborator. She says she knows that but Winn needs convincing.

He says that Winn’s desire to become kai has clouded her judgment. Kira says she seems determined to ruin him. He says that there’s no reason to worry; he had nothing to do with the massacre and she’ll never be able to prove otherwise.

Kira seems relieved, and then says she needs to know why he was at the station.

He says that Bek was a troubled man seeking spiritual guidance. His guilt at betraying the Kendra Valley base was overwhelming. He called Bareil for help and he went as soon as he could. Bareil wishes he could have done more for Bek.

Kira asks what Bek told him about the massacre. He says he was a monk speaking in confidence to his Vedek and he can’t betray that trust. She says she understands. Is there anything else she should know about Bek or the massacre? Nothing that will satisfy Winn. She says she’ll keep looking and prove to Winn he’s innocent.

He thanks her and ends the call.

Back in security, Odo discovers that when the Cardassians left, they purged all records of communication between the station and Bajor. Kira says they’ll have to get the info from the other end. Odo links up with the Bajoran archive to access the files of the Vedek Assembly.

Kira is quiet and serious, so he asks if she’s okay. She says she’s fine in a lackluster voice that implies otherwise. Being perceptive, Odo says she doesn’t seem fine. She says it’s nothing. He is skeptical. She says that Bareil says he’s not guilty and she knows he’s not guilty. Odo says she’s afraid he’s guilty.

She says she loves Bareil. Odo seems surprised. He starts to say something and stops. She asks him to elaborate. He says he was wondering when she was going to realize it. Humanoids never see the obvious when it comes to emotional attachments. He’s in the Assembly files.

She asks for communication files between Assembly and the station for the week leading up to the massacre. He tries and gets an error beep. All the communications records between the Assembly members and Bek for that week were sealed. By who? It doesn’t say, just that they’re sealed.

Kira is confused – who has that kind of authority? Odo says only a Vedek.

Kira and Odo go to Quark’s, where Quark is paying his Dabo girl, reluctantly, 14 strips of latinum. She giggles and walks away.


Quark is wearing his green upholstery jacket. The woman is wearing a shiny dress. It looks like it’s layered with many different circles of color that gives the top a kind of feathery look. As is common for women on DS9, she has an updo, this one kind of a haphazard piling of hair that makes me wince to think of how to detangle it and put it back down. She’s also got a decent amount of eye makeup.

Odo clears his throat, alarming Quark, and then tells him no one is accusing him of anything. He says the day is young. He says he’s getting a persecution complex, and concludes they want something from him. Kira says they want him to break into a sealed file.

Nervously, Quark asks if this is illegal. Odo rolls his eyes. Kira explains what they want. He says it’s also sacrilegious. Kira says the Prophets won’t mind.

Quark wants authorization signed by the commander. He argues that if something goes wrong, he’ll take the fall. Kira says nothing will go wrong. Quark disagrees, and quotes Rule of Acquisition 285: “No good deed ever goes unpunished.”

Odo ignores these concerns and pushes Quark toward his computer panel behind the bar, saying he can go in through the Bajoran Central Archives. Quark says he could if he wanted to barge in like an amateur. He says it’ll take a while and he’ll let them know when he’s done, and shoos them away.


Odo and Kira go out into the Promenade and he shows her the spot where Bek hanged himself in front of dozens of witnesses. He says that they were passing acquaintances, and he thought he was a good man from what he knew about him. Kira says a good man doesn’t betray his own people. Odo says he’s learned that in extreme situations, even the best humanoid is capable of doing terrible things.

Before the conversation can proceed, Quark calls to them from his shop. He says that he broke through the seal but the file is empty and the messages have been erased.


Kira has taken the problem to O’Brien to see what he thinks. He agrees they’re erased. She asks if he can do anything about it. He suggests some technobabble but it might take a while.

But wait, he says he might be able to figure out who erased the files, as their retinal scan would have been taken when they logged on and authorized. But wouldn’t that be erased also? She asks. Sure, but a fragment of the scan might be enough to identify the user. He tries something, then does some more stuff and gets a partial scan, then cross references this with the archive and discovers…it’s Bareil.


The computer helpfully says that Bareil is a kai candidate. None of this was really readable on my TV but I guess it’s helpful for whoever is looking up his file to know that.

Well, that’s not good.


Bareil is having another vision where he’s being blessed and congratulated for becoming kai. Suddenly, he’s confronted by Prylar Bek, who says that he trusted Bareil, and he let Bek die.

Then Bek is shirtless with a woman who isn’t Kira. They’re kissing and then he realizes this and backs up, discovering it’s Winn. She says he’ll be rewarded.


This was kind of disturbing to me, so I suppose it must have been even more shocking to Bareil. I almost didn’t recognize Winn without the usual headdress. I kind of like her hair.

He’s back in the temple and Kira comes to him wearing the same outfit she was wearing in the beginning.


You can see here the shoulder cut out that I was talking about earlier. It’s kind of a random design element but I guess they didn’t want her to wear a plain nightgown because It’s The Future.

She says to accept the gift from the prophets and then stabs him in the stomach. Then she steps backward.

He sinks to his knees and then falls over. Opaka catches him and says “May the Prophets comfort you.” He closes his eyes.

And emerges back in the temple with the orb. He closes the doors.

Someone knocks on the door. He tells them to come in. It’s Kira. He is happy to see her but she doesn’t seem happy.

She asks if he really believed she wouldn’t learn the truth. He says truth isn’t always easy to recognize. She says she recognizes it and doesn’t like what she sees.

Why did he erase the transmission records? He says don’t make me do this. She says she doesn’t have any choice – Winn is waiting. Does he want her to tell Winn that Bareil ordered Bek to give the Cardassians the location of the base? That he’s responsible for the deaths of 43 people and killed Kai Opaka’s son?

He turns away. He says the Cardassians were determined to eliminate resistance in Kendra Valley. If someone hadn’t told them the location of the base, they’d have wiped out every village in the area, killing 1200 innocent Bajorans. He couldn’t allow that.

She says there had to have been another way, and she believed in him. He says nothing. She says she defended him, but Winn was right and now she’s going to destroy him. He says no, he’s destroyed himself.

Kira leaves.

Back on DS9, Kira returns to Ops. Everything is under control, O’Brien reports. Dax says Kira got a subspace transmission from Winn, who seemed anxious to talk to him. Kira agrees to talk to her and goes over to a monitor.

Winn says she was wondering when Kira would contact her. Kira says she was waiting to complete the investigation. Winn says she wants to congratulate Kira, and Kira says it sounds like she knows what she’s going to say. Winn says that Bareil has made a surprise announcement to the Vedek Assembly and is withdrawing from the choosing.

Winn says she knows it’s painful, but Kira has done a great service for all of Bajor. Whoever is chosen tomorrow will owe a debt of gratitude. The call ends.

Kira leaves the monitor and walks to another terminal. Dax asks if she’s okay. Kira says it doesn’t make sense – Bareil wouldn’t cover up his actions like this, he’s an honorable man. She tells Chief she needs to get back into the Vedek Assembly archives. He agrees.

On Bajor, Kira waits while a bunch of Vedeks come out of a room, and then Winn is there, but dressed more fancifully than before and smiling triumphantly.


This guy is wearing gray and orange, so I’m not sure if he’s a Vedek, but I kind of like the coloring of his outfit.


Kai Winn is wearing sort of the same paisley outfit in yellow that Bareil was wearing in his vision. It’s definitely got the look of a kimono. She’s got the same guys in purple robes hanging around.

Kira goes to talk to her. She bows to Kai Winn, who grips her ear and says her pagh is strong and she is not the enemy. Kira says she opens that’s true.


We can see her hair in this shot. I still remain kind of surprised that she has hair, because from what I recall, most nuns keep their hair kind of short under their habits. I’m also surprised that she’s switched from total head covering to only partial head covering. If she was covering her hair for some religious reason, why would rising to the highest rank negate that need?

Anyway, I’m kind of intrigued by the complex braids and knot system, which again I hope isn’t too complex to undo.

Winn says to tell Sisko she must postpone their meeting before the assembly, at least for now. She walks away. Kira goes to sit by the wall and waits a bit until more Vedeks come out, including Bareil. He is surprised to see her. She says he forgot to erase the transit files.

He says he doesn’t know what she means. She says she erased the transmission reports, but not the transit files, that prove he wasn’t a collaborator. He says it’s over and she should let it rest – Winn has been chosen.

She says because he withdrew, and he didn’t have to. The reports show he was on a personal retreat at a monastery during the week before the massacre. He talked to no one except for one transmission after the massacre that ordered him back to the Assembly.

He doesn’t want to talk about it. She says there’s no way he told Bek to reveal the location – he was covering up for someone else who meant more to him than Kira or becoming kai. He asks her to stop. She says it must have been Opaka – she knew where the cell was located because her son was a member. She was the collaborator, wasn’t she?

He says she sacrificed her own son to save 1,000 people. He had to protect her.

Kira sighs and walks away, then turns back and says that instead of him they have Winn. He says it is the will of the Prophets. Kira says where will Winn lead them?

He says down paths she can’t imagine and she’ll need their help, even if she doesn’t realize it yet. Kira asks what will happen to them? He asks what she wants to happen? She kisses him.

She then says they should go pay their respects to the new kai, and they walk off together.



Stray Thoughts

* I’m still trying to figure out how much of this Winn orchestrated. Did she bring Kubus on to DS9, or just take advantage of him to plant evidence of wrongdoing by Bareil? Obviously, Kubus was either mistaken or lying, but how did Winn get the idea to stir this particular scandal? Did she know about Opaka’s sacrifice and guess that Bareil would cover for her?

* Bareil didn’t show any emotion in this episode. Kira tells him that Winn is threatening him and he’s just calm, saying it will all be fine and not to worry about him. He lets Kira run around investigating him and he doesn’t seem to even care that he might or might not lose the job he apparently really wants? I’m not sure if it’s the actor or just the writing, but he was supremely boring here.

* Do the people vote for kai, or just the Vedeks? I assumed it was the latter, but Bareil asks Kira whom she’s voting for, so maybe it’s everyone. It’s been a while since Opaka left them. Do they even need a kai? Like, when the Pope dies, they usually select a new one, or at least try to select a new one as quickly as possible, not kind of roam around arguing about prayer in schools before they get around to the vote.

* Also, how does the Bajoran government work? People keep saying how important it is that they have a kai, and apparently the Vedek Assembly was really important during the Occupation, communicating with the Bajoran puppet government and the Cardassians, but again, they’ve been without a kai for a while, so who was taking on the kai’s duties are?