RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Episode 1 Discussion Thread


Hey, kitty girls! Welcome to the series premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK! In this series, ten queens will compete for the title of the UK’s first drag superstar — and judging by pre-season buzz, this looks to be one of the most iconic seasons in Drag Race herstory.

In this series premiere, the queens are tasked with an outrageous photoshoot challenge and presenting two regal looks on the runway. Who will immediately make an impression? Who will go home first? I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

If you’d like to familiarize yourself with this season’s crop of queens, watch the meet the queens compilation video below:

This season airs at 8 pm on BBC Three and is released on WOW Presents Plus at the same time, and will be aired on various other channels as well — in Canada, it’s airing at 9 pm on OutTV — so I’m trying to figure out the best time to upload these. This one is going up just before noon on October 3rd my time (CST), to match the 8 pm airtime in the UK, but let me know if you have ideas for when these threads should go up.

As per usual, this thread is for discussing the episode both as it airs and afterwards, so exercise judgment when it comes to using spoiler tags. Especially spoilery details are advised to be placed in spoiler tags. It’s likely that not everyone will be watching these episodes at the same time. 

In the words of Tatianna, thank yew, and enjoy tonight’s episode!