A Joker Of A Kamen Rider Roams The Night Thread (10/3)

What does one think when they hear the word joker? The Batman villain. The poker card. And, if you enjoy Japanese role-playing games, perhaps you know Joker as the main character’s thief persona from Persona 5.

Nope. We’re talking about another Joker. As in the Kamen Rider of that name.

Joker’s alter ego is Hidari Shotaro (played by actor Renn Kiriyama), a goofy detective who idolizes being “hard-boiled” and…isn’t. He is half of a dynamic duo that forms Kamen Rider Double. The other half, the mysterious, enigmatic Philip (played by Masaki Suda), assists as the other half of Double, but also possesses mysterious access to a literal digital library of information that encompasses the universe.


Two partners, together as one, form an invincible Kamen Rider in order to protect the city of Fuuto from evil!


[OZC-Live]Kamen Rider W Forever 'A to Z - The Gaia Memories of Fate' [720p].mkv-

[OZC-Live]Kamen Rider W Forever 'A to Z - The Gaia Memories of Fate' [720p].mkv-

It’s actually just become a decade (no, not THAT Decade) since Double originally aired in Japan, with the series still very much a fan favorite.

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Enjoy the night thread and…I suppose go watch that Joker (featuring the murder clown, not the Kamen Rider) movie that should be in theaters either mere hours from now or when you wake up today.