Avocado Japanese Pop Culture Thread

Weekly Japanese Pop Culture Thread (October 2nd, 2019)

The fall anime season is almost upon us, so it’s time for a quick preview. For a full list of what’s on offer, AniChart has got you covered.

This fall’s slate is full of sequel seasons and second cours: if you want more Fairy Gone and Fire Force, you’re going to get more Fairy Gone and Fire Force.1 Tow Ubukata is helming another season of Psycho-Pass, much to longtime fans’ chagrin, and Food Wars! is somehow on its fourth season, exclamation point intact.  But there’s also some cool new stuff, including a new series from Production I.G. Here’s what I’m planning on checking out:

  • Africa Salaryman. Because nobody localized Business Fish this year, we’re going to have to settle for the next best thing. Here’s hoping it’s actually good.
  • BEASTARS. (Featured in the header.) What if youth romance but furry? (I’m starting to sense a theme here.)
  • Case File No. 221: Kabukicho. This is being sold as an original anime, but it’s loosely based on Sherlock Holmes. In any case,2 if you slap Production I.G’s name on something, I’ll probably check it out.
  • Hi Score Girl II. The first season of Hi Score Girl charmed audiences with its slapstick humour, extremely specific references to classic gaming, and the world’s best pancake-slinging mom. Now this 3D CG anime is back with more gaming goodness… and maybe a teensy bit of romance.
  • Special 7: Special Crime Investigation Unit. I’m hoping that this is “Let’s redo Cop Craft but with an actual budget” and not “Let’s redo Cop Craft but with a completely different set of problems.”

What are you planning on checking out? More My Hero Academia? More Sword Art Online? More Bokuben? More Radiant? (Jeez, there are a lot of sequels.) Let us know in the comments!