Pokemon Tournament (Werewolf) Signups

In Pewter City, they put up a sign. TOURNAMENT: INDIGO PLATEAU. In Celadon City, it’s all the department store customers can talk about. From Cinnabar Island to Mt. Moon, everyone is saying, “Who will win?” 

Anyone who talks about it at the Rocket Game Center doesn’t know, but they’re being watched closely. As more and more familiar names start coming up, the grunt at the vending machines starts keeping notes. Team Rocket should be the ones to win this tournament, not anybody else. She runs to tell someone important at Headquarters, but only Jessie and James are there. They’ll have to do. At least Meowth is with them. 

Meanwhile, Ash doesn’t need to win this tournament, but it’d be nice. He heads to Cerulean City to pick up Misty–as long as she’ll come with him he knows Brock will too. Talk that the great Ash Ketchum will be attending reaches Lavender Town, and a mysterious figure knows they MUST reach Indigo League in time. 

In Pallet Town, Professor Oak locks the door to his lab late at night. Of all the wonders of the world, the power and majesty of these Pokemon, all anyone wants to do is use them to fight. They use his Pokedex, his years of research, and for what? 

You’ve heard these names growing up, waiting for your chance to travel Kanto and become a trainer yourself. This is a sign, surely, that it’s your time to go for a title yourself. The journey to the tournament will be long. Route 22 is not known for being safe. But if you don’t go now, when will you go? You pack your bags and set off through the long grass to Viridian City. Just you and your starter Pokemon at the start of the rest of your life. 

But who are you, really? What drives you to win this tournament? Where do your loyalties truly lie?

DAY ONE Roles:

22 Trainers (vanilla pallet town)

3 Team Rocket (scum wolves)

3 Roled Town 

1 SK

But if you want to be the very best, you need to train. Along your journey, you’ll have the opportunity to challenge other trainers in battles to unlock new Pokemon for your own collection. Each day you survive will give you new opportunities to catch new types and evolve your party. And if you need to trade to complete your Pokedex, you can do that too; because if you manage to collect more Pokemon than anyone else in the game, you’ll be considered one of the winners, no matter your alignment. You’ll have bragging rights as the expert Pokemon Trainer for the rest of your time here at the Avocado- until the Johto tournament, at least!

Also, if you intend to change your avatar, please do so nowish so that I may use it for the day one header.

That’s right, customized headers up in here.

This game is intermediate level for 29 players and will require daily checking of QTs for ALL PLAYERS. An encyclopedic knowledge of Pokemon is not needed- I am clearly doing the work for all of us. Upon receiving your role in the qt you will be asked to provide me both the starter of your choice (Squirtle, a water type; Charmander, a fire type; and Bulbasaur, a grass type) as well as if there’s a specific pokemon you’d like to be represented as because I will absolutely rename those fuckers in my game and take screenshots for your entertainment. 

1. Captain Oblivious
2. Hayjay
3. Jake the Turtle
4. Hayes
5. MSD
6. Wasp
7. Lindsay
8. Hoho who will kill me if I don’t save a spot
9. Gramps
10. Goat
11. RavenandRose
12. Ralph
13. DW
14. April
15. Jam
16. Flubba
17. May
18. Jude
19. Demyx
20. BannerThief
21. Spookyfriend (y’all watch out she’s on a role)
22. Owen
23. Captain Video
24. Bootles
25. Lamb
26. Stoneheart
27. Cop
28. Nuka-Fanta
29. A surprise
31. Nate the Great but Technically Late
32. Nick Miller
33. Emm is for Monster
34. Indeedy

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